Tuesday, March 31, 2009


it was so graciously brought to my attention recently that i left a very important couple out of my list of spokanites that made life there bearable and even, yes, fun i suppose.

the payettes...aah the payettes. the reason i didn't add you before you know is because you're not technically in spokane. val, you left me first several months ago AFTER ditching me for school and "work" for a couple months before that. as if those things are more important. it was a low point in my life, i'll admit, but alas, i'm no longer bitter. instead, there is a ginormous black hole in my life where you once resided. we miss you guys a bunch and everytime notre dame or u-dub loses, i mean plays...we think of you and miss you all over again :)

Thursday, March 26, 2009

ode to those we left behind...

so its time for another post...especially because, let's be honest, this really has taken the place of my long-neglected journal that i haven't written in since luke was sofi's age...probably shouldn't have admitted that. i'm sure i just tainted the immaculate view you all have of me. sorry about that. the jury will strike the last testimony and continue to believe that tara is practically perfect in every way...or was that mary poppins? anyway, i just wanted take a few minutes and praise all the coolness that are the people of the lovely yet ghetto (being honest, remember) city we all know and love as spokane, wa.

adam and jen-what can i say, i've known you for almost ever and i wouldn't trade you for the world. good luck on your basement. it needs to be done before i come and grace you with my and my screaming childrens' presence. love you guys

camille and brian-okay, so you're technically in pullman, but who's counting? camille, i've known you for even longer than almost forever and you really are one of my favorite people in the whole wide world. i'm so glad we were able to spend time with both of you guys on our little sabaticals to pullman last year. good luck with the baby and make sure we see more of each other...or else! love ya. good luck in kamiah

adam and natalie-we can be grateful for our adorable, sometimes frustrating, toddlers for our friendship. if it wasn't for that fateful day in relief society that we made the decision to use each other to watch said toddlers in order to get a moment of sanity, we might never have gotten to where we are today. thanks to loot and miam (2 year old speak for luke and liam). thanks to adam and naatalie for all the free marriage counseling/late night conversations about certain four-letter words that will remain nameless being that this is a family blog. love you guys. thanks.

the couple, the myth, the legend...the shelby's-there are no words. you guys are pretty darn close to cooler than awesome. the office and guitar hero will never be the same. thanks for the introduction to benedito's and for loving us just for our tv and playstation. we'll take what we can get. hey, love you guys too...why not?ps meredith and ben-you're fun too. don't let anyone tell you different...and for goodness sake, update your blog already!
goodbye spokane. i'd like to say we're gonna miss you, but we're really just going to miss frank's diner, the downtown mall, dick's, and of course, all of our buddies who made the ghetto truly fabulous.

Monday, March 16, 2009

count your many blessings...

or in this case, your one blessing. that's right, sofi became legal as of march 8th, 2009. she's all blessed and beautiful and i had an excuse to have a large percentage of my family and friends here (i was going to try and sound smart by writing an actual percentage, but then i got confused with how many we are and how many weren't here, so i gave up...moving on...)

andy's parents came up and brought dinner and chocolates with them from sandy, utah. thanks richard and rebecca! i was also so happy to be able to be in the same house as my brothers, a handful of nephews, and so many of our good buddies. thanks to everyone who came and participated in this incredible event...and thanks to sofi for being born at a time that made it so convenient for everyone to be here. you go girl! oh sheesh, did i just say that out loud. sorry to all those who had to read that. i guess i'm a smidge on the exhausted side thanks to said precious girl.

ps i know that picture of her is semi-goofy, but its all i've got. lets just say i'm not ansel adams. in fact, i'm not even a distant relative with my photog skills, but i've made it a goal to improve myself in that area. i mean i'm such a fabulous blogger, i should have the photographical (is that a word?) skills to match, right? okay, on to the rest of the photos that were taken so generously not by me, but by my awesome mom who made sure everyone in attendance was documented.

the whole gang at the church post-blessing. we make that side walk look good

Thursday, March 12, 2009

i'm coming

so, i got a huge cup of water, gave the baby to andy and sat down at the computer all set to let my creative juices loose on a brand-spanking new post for your literary enjoyment. unfortunately, for both of the posting ideas that are reumenating in my brain, i need pictures which are on my camera, which is at the jump and bounce down the street. its closed right now, so i'm at a loss. sorry, but this will have to hold you over for now. i'll be back soon with two exciting reads. later