Wednesday, April 22, 2009

i guess you get what you pay for?

when entering my house (or apartment rather, or my mom's house...whatever), one might think my son is still 3 months old because that is the latest professional picture we have of him and ourselves for that matter. i made the command decision to get some new ones taken upon noticing a deal at my neighborhood wal-mart. i'm sure that tells you where you this post might be going. here's a hint: nowhere good. so, i get the kiddies all dressed up for easter. this originally was just going to be luke's photo shoot to commemerate his 2 years of life. i figured people might want to know that i have another child, though, so the sopester got all gussied up as well. i had made an appointment two days earlier for 10 am, but in true tara fashion i was running a little behind. this was partly because i was trying to leave as late as i possibly could so that luke's hair wouldn't move and the rest of him would stay remotely clean. blah, blah, blah, drive, drive, drive...we get to wally world and their up-scale photography studio at maybe 3 minutes after 10. i was a little surprised to see a pair of ladies sitting in the waiting room. i wondered if that meant there was more than one studio...nope, hmmm maybe they're going to make them wait for me...first mistake, i gave them the benefit of the doubt. no, there was just one studio and no, they were not waiting. they, apparently were walk-ins who got first priority on my appointment time because i was late by 3 measly minutes. now, don't get me wrong, i was willing to own up to my tardiness, but seriously! shouldn't they have some sort of window? people have kids for goodness sake...and we're not all martha stewart (or larissa) who is organized enough to arrive early with mess-free snacks and brain-stimulating activities that keep the mini people occupied without getting wrinkly or, in my son's case, bruised or scraped in some way...hence we've had to wait this long in the first place. luke finally healed from the injuries that kept occupying his face for the past 6 months. these were supposed to be 2 year old pictures if you remember.
anyway, moving on to the um...annoying, yeah, i'll go with annoying woman behind the counter at said picture-taking establishment. she proceeded to tell me that the ladies that were currently sitting in my spot arrived before me (duh) and therefore, they would be going first. (not duh...what?!) that is apparently the policy there at the cheapest place to one-stop shop in america. lets just say i tried to reign in the frustration that filled my entire being at that moment, signed her little paper, and asked how long it would be until i could bring my perfectly coifed children back for their session.

"oh, it'll just be a half-hour."
"awesome...just enough time for luke to look like a homeless child...i mean, we've got some shopping to do so we'll be back."

great. whatever. we left the picture place and headed toward the candy because my son was not going to cooperate without a little sugar. we purchased some bribery (for those of you much more responsible mothers out there...i apologize for this portion of the unfortunate tale). we picked up a few more things and on the way over to the other section of the store, mom looked at her watch and let me know that it had been about 25 minutes, so we changed direction and headed back toward the scene of the original crime so as to assure our place in line. we arrive at the waiting to room to the smell of cigarette smoke and the realization that not only are the ladies not done yet, but they also haven't even sat down to pick out their prints. long story short, the lady that told me we'd be waiting no more than half an hour, took her sweet time going through each and every pink, fluffy easter dress clad/naked picture of the poor, unsuspecting babies that stole our place in hour later, we left. now, i pride myself in the fact that i'm not a disgruntled customer. i patiently wait for distracted, unaware servers at restaraunts, i have only sent food back once to the cook based on the fact that it was uncooked chicken, and i buy things that have flaws without forcing the poor cashier into giving me 10% off my purchase. okay, okay, okay lets stop the madness already. this story is way too long and way too lame of a memory to keep it going anymore.
lets just say that walmart is lame, i'm never going back (well, for picture-taking anyway...i'll definitly be there as soon as oreos go on sale) and i decided to try my hand at a little photography on my own. the kids were already dressed and it was just a matter of time before the whole effect would wear off and dirt would take its place so i walked the lukemeister down to the play structure in the backyard and snapped these little beauties. pictures taken, no harm done i suppose.
ps i guess photos for 7.99 are just as non-existent as a free lunch.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

feliz dia de easter

all the kids with their spoils after the egg hunt on easter sunday. as you can see luke is more interested in knowing what could possibly be inside those round things than what i wanted him to do for the camera.

and the suttons first experience letting luke dye eggs himself. he didn't see any need for those ridiculous spoons or dipping apparati. hands seem to serve as much better tools...hence the shirtlessness. i wasn't even going to go there.

i walked in the room later to find this...yes, that's a wine glass full of crystal light. sweet
and here is a shot of the little one because its so darn precious and also because her rash is finally gone so i can stop being vain and let the world see her.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

laughing down memory lane

i was looking through my pictures for the ones documenting the easter festivities and i found this little gem. i'll be back with the holiday pics, but in the meantime...enjoy some 1 year old luke:

ps my other baby has been sleeping through the night which is totally awesome, but luke has been waking up pre 6 am...which is not so awesome. what do you do?

Monday, April 6, 2009

70 degrees and all is well

its sunny and i'm happy...just thought you should know

Thursday, April 2, 2009

the joys of nursing and other luke nonsense

note to my male readers or those who just don't want to hear a story about breastfeeding: this is not actually about nursing, its just about what happens when one must nurse even though they have a two year old loose in a large house alone.

i need to begin by making you aware that my dear son is obsessed with giving bones to my dad's beloved dog, rocky. happened on a tuesday. i was sitting on the couch, giving sustenance to my newborn child. i knew luke was in the kitchen and i was getting more and more nervous as he was getting quieter and quieter. every once in a while i could hear, "doggy, bone...doggy, bone..." and the sound of the lid being taken on and off the container that houses said puppy treats. i'm sure you can all see where this ends, and i was fearful of the same so i detached the child, made the sojourn into the kitchen, called out to my mischevious little son and found him coming toward me bone in hand...well half of the bone:
no harm done, right? just a little fiber. well luckily, none of the doggy treat actually made its way down his esophagous. mom put a kabash to that before he had the chance to even think about swallowing. he spit out the half-consumed bone into the garbage and went about on his way enjoying what boys should spend their doing--playing with toys in the bathtub...which just happens to lead me to the next part of my story.

not only is the bathtub luke's play place of choice (full of water or not), it is also the scene of many a mother's pulling hair out, wondering why she had kids in the first place, moment. as i am still aclimatizing myself to knowing how to care for two individuals instead of just one, luke has a tendency to be left in the bathtub for a few moments at a time while i am running around changing diapers and finding binkies. a couple such moments happened today while i was putting the wee one to sleep. i hear the pitter patter of not so little feet wafting down from the upstairs bathroom and adjacent bedroom. i try not to imagine the worse (little did i know what the worse was) as i couldn't get myself away in order to mend the situation. when i finally make it up the stairs, i find that my oldest has made it back to the tub with the toy keyboard...which has now become one of those awesome toys that when played makes the most annoying sound in the world, close to lloyd christmas' rendition in dumb and dumber. that's not all, however. apparently he was lonely because this had also accompanied him into the tub.

for those of you that know, this is luke's version of a "lovey." i don't even want to know what the consequences of that action. yikes

finally, we are currently in the throes of potty training/big boy bed and oh what joy both of those feats have brought into our peaceful abode. i haven't really taken the potty training by the horns quite yet and don't worry, i'm not going to submit you to a play by play, but the following story does involve a certain bodily fluid so if you want to check out, go right ahead. the other day, as i put luke in the tub, he so politely let me know that he need to use the facilities (not in so many words, but you get the idea). so, i pulled him and he officially "went potty" for the first time. i was so excited because i, of course, thought that meant that my child is a genius and all those horror stories i've heard in the past would not be applying to me. fast forward to the end of bathtime. he finishes up and we walk into his room to acquire his outfit of the day when i turn around just in time for him to say potty and proceed to relieve himself on the floor. wow, is it some kind of record to be potty trained for the amount of time it takes to bathe? thanks for bringing me back to earth, luke. you're so aware of all my needs.