Saturday, January 1, 2011

a little taste of christmas...

i'm coming...i is the time to for new beginnings after all.  i really need to update more often and i plan to, just getting myself organized is easier said than done.  anyway, in the meantime--here is a little peek into our pre-christmas festivities:

making a gingerbread train...seriously, does it get any better?  answer:  not to a boy that thinks that thomas the train is the coolest thing since santa claus...or a girl that thinks that candy is the fifth food group.

acting out the nativity on christmas eve.  sofi just might the cutest angel to ever bring good tidings of great joy.

giving the big guy a break from his sleigh duties while picking out the tree in the lovely northwest rain.
um...adorable much?  sofi and her cousin, kyle kickin it after a choir concert.

once again, sorry for the awesome iphone quality pictures.  someday i will get the camera of my dreams, someday.