Sunday, November 22, 2009

true love

if you were to look up the words true love in the dictionary, you would find this picture there:

yes, that is me making sure that luke doesn't lunge himself at the moving tractor that is slogging its way through the mud and guck that made up our trip to the pumpkin patch. you can't tell, but its also raining like nobody's business. hence, the makeshift umbrella that is protecting the kindly farmer from the torrential downpour. luckily, by the time we made it out to the patch itself, the rain had subsided and i captured this little beauty of the little dude himself:

and more of the highlights:

ps i have to admit that in all my ranting and raving about the second installment of the "twilight saga," i neglected to say that even though the movie wasn't exactly oscar worthy, the night out with my friends and family was absolutely worth it. victoria (my sister-in-law who made the whole thing happen a day ahead of schedule) really outdid herself making sure that everyone had a great time. thank you, victoria and i'm so glad that you are happily married to edward...i'm sure trent already knows so i won't bother threatening to tell him :)

happy thanksgiving everyone!!

eat lots of food and take lots of naps...two of very favorite things

Friday, November 20, 2009

sorry victoria...

warning: if you are a die-hard edward/twilight fan, don't hate me

new moon

i went. i saw. i laughed...and not because robert pattinson was spot on with his comedic timing. no, the movie just really wasn't great. the acting and the long, i'm looking into your eyes in a way that is supposed to be yearning and longing and painful and smoldery, but turned out something like-i'm really hungry. now, you must know that i wasn't really expecting a whole lot in the first place, but it really still managed to disappoint somehow. sorry to all you twilighters or new mooners or whatever you call yourselves. if you loved it or will love it, kudos to you.

in all fairness, i do have to commend taylor and his angsty in a good way, playful version of the wolf that would be bella's number one if he could. he really stole the show (that could've been given away for free if you ask me). he acted well. he really understood his part and he didn't look so bad either. in fact, he looked downright like i wish he was 10 years older. dang.

well done taylor. rob and kristin-eat something. whoever you are that plays jasper-yeesh...and dakota-i'm sorry they dressed you up like a five year old. you did a stellar job, though. all things considered. good luck with the next one!'re gonna need it...

Thursday, November 5, 2009


so, i actually was not saying that i dislike charlie brown. i'm a pretty big fan, in fact. although i will admit, in all honesty, that it is one of those things that i could swear was exponetially more awesome when i was younger. i think it might just come down to the principle of when a charlie brown special is on, there is a holiday looming just around the corner...that, and i played a very female version of snoopy in a high school play...anyway, i was actually just saying (in a very cryptic way apparently) that i was frustrated. i need to put pictures on the internet, both for your viewing pleasure and my own sanity. there have been some rather annoying stumbling blocks in my path, however. first, the camera has been m.i.a and by m.i.a, i mean in andy's truck...which has been anywhere from salem to sedrow woolley for the past two months. second, my computer apparently has the swine flu because it won't allow me to upload or even look at any of my pictures. third, i have a 3 year old who thinks that my attention is necessary at all times, except for when thomas the tank engine is on, then it really doesn't matter if anyone else is in the room--until the show ends of course, then someone really needs to be there to take part in the dance party that is "down by the docks."

frustration #2-my parents' house has yet to sell despite me really, really wishing that it would. anyone in the market for 5 acres? yeah, me neither...unfortunately.

frustration #3-i've come to the realization that i've spent far too much of my husband's hard earned money on baby carriers that i don't end up appreciating like i hoped i would. i bought a ridiculously expensive maya sling and hated it...i'm not a sling wearer. i found out the hard way. they hurt. i also bought a not quite so ridiculously expensive, used baby bjorn. i thought it would be awesome. not so awesome. an ergo would be awesome. ever since i had my first child, i wanted a carrier that could be worn on the front and the back. did i listen to myself way back when? i guess we all know the answer because here i sit with no ergo and two carriers that i wish i could sell, but i should really just give away because that's the right thing to do and maybe the only thing that will allow me to redeem myself after all this whining...

4th and final frustration-bones came back tonight after giving up their television time to the yankees...that, in itself, is awesome. what is not awesome is that its looking more and more like angela and hodgins are really not going to get back together. does this frustration make me sound petty and far too interested in a scripted romance? if so, i apologize. they were just so great together. it made me happy. right now, not so happy...hence--aarrgghh!

there you have it. my life is basically over or, in reality, i really have nothing of actual substance to complain about. i have a wonderful family. sofi is probably the happiest, loveliest, wonderfulest little gift from God there could ever possibly be. luke is starting to put more and more hilarious sentences together and andy works really hard to provide for us all. life doesn't get much better...i just wish i could find a way to show you all-aka remove my camera from its mobile home and figure out how to cure my computer of its illness. until then, enjoy the pictures in your mind that are formed by my oh so illustrative words...or just enjoy another blog that is written by someone who is good at posting pictures. i'll understand :)