Thursday, June 25, 2009

ode to sofi

apparently i haven't posted very many pictures of my second child. you may have heard of her. her name is sofi, she's bald, about 2 feet tall, and probably the best thing that has happened to this planet. i have only myself to blame...well, and my mom, of course, for making me take a trip and neglect my internet duties. anyway, sorry folks, but here she is in all her smiling glory.

just in case you didn't overdose from the overwhelming amount of cuteness in the previous video and you're still sitting upright, here are some more snippets into the short, yet up until this point, undocumented life of sofi lyn

Monday, June 15, 2009

next stop county lockup? and other funny moments

luke walked into the kitchen this morning and said, "cookie, please." i, of course, being a good, responsible parent said, "not until after lunch buddy." so, he decided to give up and go out on the porch to relax...or not

the other day, we went for a walk and i guess we tuckered sofi right out because i left her in the swing, carrier and all while i put luke to bed. this is what i came back to. don't worry, i put her in her bed after i took advantage of the photo op.

more fun with unconscious babies...

what a good's too short to stop with just mixing and pouring

Thursday, June 4, 2009

omsi, dozer days, the rose festival, and the consequences of family outings during naptime

it is easily derived from the title that this is going to be a rather longish post. if you need to begin now and take a break for lunch or a snack or a worries, i've been there, in fact, i'd probably need a couple snacks and maybe a steak. anywho, its kinda funny how one can feel like they haven't done anything and then they write a blog and realize that they've actually been pretty busy. of course, in this instance "one" and "they" refers to me and my apparent full month of may. for the sake of saving time, there won't be a great deal of witty banter, but instead just a load of pure, unadulterated luke and sofi...not so much sofi unfortunately. apparently, it hasn't set in that i'm supposed to take pictures of two kids instead of just the older, screaming, i mean, :)

omsi...aka a fun-filled day or couple hours, thanks to the toddler attention span or lack thereof...aka good thing there was this exhibit with the effect air has on balls because i couldn't pry the kid away

dozer days...aka a day where little tikes such as luke are invited to climb all over tractors and back hoes and their drivers...aka a meltdown in said back hoe after waiting in a line for 45 minutes to go for a ride...

isn't it interesting how much we force our kids to do something we just "know" they'll like...maybe we should do the easier thing and let them play in the free dirt while eating cheese and sand. what? let them do what they want to do? that's just crazy

rose festival...aka good times on the waterfront...aka luke was tired and hungry so that's why there are only pictures of him on the rides where he was happy and not being threatened of being sold to the gypsies

my awesome picture of sofi...or its kinda far away and barely a profile. um...more to come? yeah, i'll leave it that

aah the quintessential carnival ride. you might want to bookmark this entry as this might be the only picture i've actually posted of myself