Saturday, October 9, 2010

Monday, October 4, 2010

party at the patch

so, this is me delivering on my promise to show you the awesome time the girls in my church had at the corn maze last week.  just remember that all i have is an iphone and a desire to be a better photographer instead of the real thing.  bear with me, people.  we can't all be ansel adams...yet.

the "fearless leaders..." we gotta have fun too, right?

the whole gang in the proverbial serious and goofy poses

makena, annie, and chelsea

definitely couldn't leave the haystack without an action shot.  thank you, savannah and chelsea

enjoying the fruits of our labors so to speak.  caramel corn and good ol h2o.  plus, sariah makes a great model.
there you have it...good times had by all.  thanks to all the girls and jenny and monique--for making this such a fab time (i thought i'd channel my english heritage for a second).  go fall!!

Saturday, October 2, 2010

3rd week in a row...somebody stop me!

well, thanks to sofi and her teeth that just refuse to surface...and luke who was apparently up at 1 am eating black licorice...oh boy....i am penning my fabulous finds friday installment in the wee (very wee) hours of saturday morning.  apparently, someone much bigger and more important than me, decided i really needed to share this with you (which is really not too shabby because i've been asleep since around 9 pm thanks to a roaring headache caused by none other than hot yoga...we won't go there today).

today's lovely, lovely little masterpiece comes to us by way of wal-mart.  aah, wally world, i equally love and hate you.  love you for your sometimes crazily low prices, hate you because you're, well, wal-mart and all the ghettoness that entails.  still, somehow i go back and find little treasures like this:

meet the gold bug pop-up booster chair aka the most amazing portable piece of baby equipment you could possibly own.  okay, maybe i shouldn't go that far, but seriously folks, this little darling has been a savior in many ways.  family reunion--so many cousins, the 15 month old is too excited to sit and eat and you're too hungry to force her...enter this little beauty and voila!  baby is strapped down and feeding...what?  herself? amazing!!  i know, a little dramatic, but it is late and i am still suffering from a minor ache just over my right

in short, if you have a toddler, are about to have a toddler or just want to stock up on necessary items you will need in the future, go out and buy one.  if you have moral issues with wal-mart, which we all do, some of us just choose to ignore them on occasion, am i right?  uh-huh...order it online.  in my searching for a photo, i discovered there are some other brands with the same product.  i can't speak for their total awesomeness, but that's what reviews are for.  thank you moms who actually take the time to fill those out.  i'm not usually one of those if you didn't catch that hint.

anyway, enjoy and by the way, did i mention its fall??  woo hoo!  welcome changing leaves, crisper weather, sweaters, luke's birthday, warm caramel apple cider (you little devil, you) and every wonderful, glorious thing you can make with a pumpkin.  oh, rapture.