Monday, September 29, 2008

a blog from the big apple

i only have one hour left until the billing cycle on my "in-room" high speed internet connection expires, so i thought i'd leave a brief synopsis of our trip so far. we've only been here a day and a night so far, but the lure of nyc has definitly taken me in already. since yesterday was sunday, we spent the entire day, well maybe the entire day, but a lot of it, walking around central park. its really amazing that all that green exists in the middle of all the concrete. we had a great time exploring and today we're off to ground zero. as luck would have it, my luck, my camera is out of juice...of course and my mom doesn't have one. we will most likely be purchasing one today so i can document this a little better than with just words...for those of you visual learners of course.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

happy national stay at home week!

isn't just a little bit sad that the nation has set aside a week for all of america to stay at home at night just to watch television?? a little bit sad, and yet we are fully participating. unfortunately, the mixture of free satellite and a toddler that needs to be in bed at 7:30 has made a recipe for a show a night in the sutton household. yes, i'll admit, sometimes 2 or 3...blame it on the dvr. i thought about divulging the long list of shows that we have come to know and thus get addicted to, but i'm afraid i wouldn't come off looking so, instesd i'll just let you know that tonight is probably the biggest of them all. the one hour office premiere is this very night! i can't believe its already here. we are a little bit sorry, however, that we are here in utah (i will call andrea, i promise...haven't i mentioned how much i suck at phones?) while our faithful fellow office watchers are in spokane. a moment of silence please...alright...that should do it. tonight we find out what is going on between dwight and angela and if jim really will ever get to propose. aah, sweet drama. as a side note, we will also discover if warick on csi really is dead. yikes. do i sound like a housewife or what. somebody save me from myself. for all you that are snuggling up on your couch in front of your flat screen or regular tv, of course, happy office to you and i hope you have a relaxing night with whomever you might be spending it with.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

thanks dudes

i think that's a recycled title, but it works for this post nonetheless. i promise i wasn't trying to whine, it was just one of those times when you realize something and have to write it down. i guess if i was a poet, i would've been able to write something profound and meaningful...but, alas, i am what i am and i'm grateful for those of you that wished me late regards. i was happy to get them. on a higher note, as i was perusing some other blogs, i ventured upon one birthday post discussing the joy that comes on a birthday, but also her "resolutions" if you will for the year to come. i guess i learned a bit of a lesson and decided it was time to end the pity party. i will come up with my list and let you know...stay tuned

Friday, September 19, 2008

another "big day" come and gone

so, i usually like to keep this little glimpse into my life pretty light and witty, but i'm feeling a little low and i thought i'd share that with you. it doesn't really make any sense to do such a thing, but i've seen others do it and its worked for them so here goes...sunday was the 29th time i celebrated my birth into this world. i received 4 phone calls, 3 of them consisting of family members. thanks, larissa by the way. you made my otherwise mediocre day. side note-isn't it sad that you reach about 23 and suddenly, birthdays don't really consist of presents and parties and instead are just mostly full of the day to day humdrum stuff you do anyway? maybe that's just me, but anyway...i got a text message or two that night and then went to sleep and woke up to another day which i'm sure was someone else's birthday, but for me, it was just the day after mine. the day that made me realize the point of this rambling post, which is that i've failed as a friend. i guess my severe deficiency in keeping in contact with people has led to their lack of remembering my birthday. it was a sad, sad discovery (there is a better word for what it was, but i'm suffering from a harsh case of pregnancy brain at the moment), but one that will hopefully motivate me to be a better friend. so, to all of you whoe read this blog, thanks for doing so and i will try to recognize all of the exciting happenings in your lives...including the day that only comes once a year for you and should be a very happy day and one that you don't have any worries but to feel special. happy birthday everybody! thanks for checkin in

Thursday, September 11, 2008

false alarm

so, apparently i misled several of you (or maybe you just didn't understand such literary genius...kidding) into thinking that i would be discovering the sex of our newest little one this week. sorry, i just had a routine check up. everything does seem to be fine, however, and its full speed ahead...whether i like it or not, i guess. we did get some pretty bad news about andy's business, but i will fill you in as information comes to light. for now, we're headed to utah and then we'll really find out what's on the horizon (as far as if the nursery is going to be pink or blue) when we return in october.

Saturday, September 6, 2008


i don't actually have any sort of magic trick to show you, let alone any pictures...just me saying the famous houdini-esque phrase because i've appeared, as if out of nowhere. i know, i know. its shameful that i haven't posted anything in three weeks, but i have an excuse. i was once again forced into the black hole of internet nothingness because i went to camas to visit the rents for two weeks. for those of you avid fans who have been patiently awaiting an installment, i apologize and here i am once again. in fact, to celebrate my return to the land of high speed, i have spent the last two hours perusing everyone else's blogs...okay, not eveyone's. first of all, i don't know everyone and b, that would take a great deal longer than two hours. anyway...dang i have missed some serious happenings...girls are pregnant, people are buying houses, scrapbooking is happening with reckless abandon, and finally the mullet was removed from a very deserving little boy (i am oh so proud of you, mindy).
for those of you i that neglected to visit during my stay on the west side, sorry i was pretty much a homebody without internet and my phone has decided to be very lazy. by lazy i mean that the battery has given up and is refusing to be the lifeblood of my lovely red krazr. i'm afraid its days are numbered. i will remedy that situation soon and hopefully be back to see you soon (this paragraph is mostly for you, heidi and mary...sorry i didn't call...i pretty much suck). on to brighter and happier subjects, my next doctor's appointment is on monday and the ultrasound to unveil the he or she of the little tike will soon follow. speaking of babies and the names thereof...any ideas? i'm kind of at an impass. i think i've pretty much got the boy name figured out, but if its a girl, i'm at a loss. right now, its between marlo and fiona. both having short versions--lo and fi. i also am fond of claire, stella, sadie, and fenley but all have been vetoed by my adoring husband. anyway, if you have any moments of genius, let me know...and if you decide you want to use whatever name you give me for your own offspring, i won't even care. i'll just be grateful that my child will be called something other than "girl." thanks in advance and au revoir till next time.