Thursday, February 28, 2008

the good, the bad, and the oh so addictive computer games

okay, okay, enough with the that a word? i thought it sounded good. anyway, it has come to my attention that i spend a little too much blogging time saying something mean about myself. i once had a friend tell me that everytime i say something mean to myself i have to come up with 4 good qualities, so i'll give it a try right now:

1 well, i'm blonde and everyone knows we have more fun, right? we totally do, by the way :)

2 i just beat a computer game that took me from new york fashion week to paris, that a good thing or a bad one?

3 i can be pretty witty if i really try...i do like to make people smile. i guess that comes easy enough

4 i somehow attracted a pretty awesome guy and now we've got the coolest little dude on the planet that drives me crazy, but also makes me laugh that awesome laughter that comes from your toes and makes a cloud-covered day turn out pretty shiny.

okay, there you go-i knew people hung out with me for more than just my money...or was it my looks...

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

short list-long story

yeah, so apparently i'm "add a video" illiterate. i'm gonna keep it up though just to keep up the suspense and leave you all wondering what it could be...insert evil villan laugh here...okay, on to today's subject. i've come to the sad and devastating conclusion that everyone else knows a lot more people than i do. or, even sadder, they are liked by more people. what i'm trying to say is that my list of "pals" in the margin of my page is considerably smaller than all the other blogs out there. do i suck? i know what you're going to say...oh tara, people like you, you're great blah blah blah...yeah, prove it! you know, i really can probably blame myself because, speaking of sucking...i do when it comes to keeping in touch. yeah, you know who you are--namely everyone who reads this most likely. i'm sorry...again...i guess i can just hope that someday i'll be really funny so people that don't even know me will stop by. probably not, but a girl can dream, right? the truth is, the people that are on my list, be it short or not, are wonderful and have definitly given me a laugh when i needed to cry and helped me cry when i felt like i was supposed to be laughing. thanks dudes. hey, and if you know anyone i could add to my list just to make me feel like i know people, that would be cool too.

testing 1...2...3...

so i tried to add a video a while back and it didn't work out so well, so here is attempt numero dos. that's number two for those of you who don't understand spanish. no need to thank me. okay, here goes. more complete post coming soon.

Friday, February 15, 2008

pass the helmet please

so apparently i'm a skiier. well, i don't know if i would call what i do "skiing" just yet. it all started in october when we ventured out to the fairgrounds during the annual ski swap. andy and i had decided that this is my year, mostly because i'm sick of sitting at home while he has all the fun for hours on end. speaking of, i'm going to digress a little bit here...what is it with men's activities? is it a law that they have to take a minimum of 4 hours? golf-5 hours, skiing-7 or 8 hours, snowmobiling, 4-wheeling, hunting...need i go on? a woman can go out to lunch for maybe an hour and a half and who is texting or calling every 5 minutes to see where she is? yeah, the "man of the house." ridiculous what we have to put up with. anyway, back to me overcoming the odds and joining the 4 hour plus activity crowd. i'm pretty sure i deserve a medal or at least a cherry cordial for that. so i got myself all outfitted with all-mountain skis (which are pretty sweet by the way), pants, jacket, boots, gloves, even a helmet or should i say especially a helmet. those of you that know me, should not be surprised by that. so, the last month or so i've been "hitting the slopes" as they say. i figure use of the jargin gets me halfway there. i've had a couple lessons from 18 year old boys and i must admit that i have the pizza down pat. that's when you point your skis together like all the tiny kids that get awesome by the time they're 5. i "ride" the bunny hill like a champ and i've moved on to the ever-challenging blue square hill...where there are still kids that barely come up to my waist forging down the hill like it was their backyard. all in all its been a pretty fun ride. i've actually gotten to the point where i can make it down the hill without wanting to stop, cry, and walk the rest of the way down. it feels good to actually get past the point of pure frustration...which is where i still am with golf and about every other sport on the planet. that's okay though, i just figure that i'll go on to become one of those helicopter parents that lives their lives through their children. or i'll just keep doin what i do and just force my kids to get proficient at at least one thing before they get to be 28 and snow-plowing. i guess only time will tell.

Thursday, February 7, 2008

merry christmas! my bad

as i was pondering walking into the bedroom to find my workout clothes, (yes, that was a shamless plug to make you all think that i exercise on a regular basis) i noticed the screensaver on my computer. it was flashing pictures from temple square in salt lake city, ut during christmastime. it was my first time to see the lights. andy was kind enough to show me around even though that the was the destination of many a cheap date back in his single days...i thought about inserting the word "player" in there, but come on....we all know andy is not a player--ha ha. sorry, the thought is pretty hilarious, am i right? anyway, here are some pictures from christmas...and so soon too, right? man, am i pathetic. that's okay, though. knowing is half the battle, right? could i possibly say the word right anymore? especially since no one out there in cyberspace is going to answer me anytime soon. wow...anyway, here's the pics...already :)

Saturday, February 2, 2008

yay...i'm fancy!

now i'm not trying to toot my horn or anything...who says that? i'm just stoked because i actually made this thing look semi-cool. thanks to my good buddy, camille, i now have entered the not traditional blog background club. i know it doesn't really exist, but humor me would ya? anyway, i'm excited, you're excited, luke's excited...does life get any better than this?