Wednesday, August 11, 2010

the ramblings of a 30 year old slacker

so, i've gotten into the bad habit of not cooking, not running, not writing in my blog...or my book, all of which does not make for a very motivated person in general.  since my children really shouldn't (or, let's be honest, really can't) live on cereal for dinner, hood to coast is looming around the corner, and my millions of dollars are just waiting for me to swim around in them once i'm published, something must be done.  i'd like to think i can blame it all on my husband and his giving me 24 hour unalduterated access to the food network, but  unfortunately, i know its really laziness and the fact that the more i put off things, the longer it takes to get the desire and the inspiration back.  i've made some half-hearted goals here and there, and whined and complained about the fact that everyone else is better than me and more creative, therefore more in control of their life...yadi yadi yada...i'm finally doing something about it.  don't get too excited.  i'm not winning any pulizter prizes anytime soon, i'm just going to take a couple classes at clark college in order to maybe get the juices flowing again.

after much deliberation, andy has given in and agreed to put some of our hard-earned tax return toward a nice camera.  one that will actually run on a battery that you plug into a wall instead of double a's, and will have more functions than merely automatic flash or not.  with that camera that will soon be in my possession, i will take awesome pictures and finally be able to document the lives of my little children who really won't be little forever no matter how much i try and convince myself. 

along with the photography class, i will be taking a creative writing class.  i've decided that i need a jumping off point as well as a deadline since my own voice telling myself to be done by a certain time doesn't seem to be working.  i'm excited.  i know i can't logically completely change because of this, but i'm hoping i can at least get aimed in the right direction and actually start heading toward that direction instead of stopping at the churro stand and hanging out for far, far too long.

thanks for reading, there are more pictures from disneyland as promised, but i forgot that they were taken with the ancient medium of film and therefore must be scanned in order to show anyone via the world wide web.  that will happen sometime in the near future.  i know you're all dying to see the numerous photos of luke's thumb and winnie the pooh from the parade thanks to luke stealing the camera and learning how to wind it.  doh!  where did my toddler that was content pretending to take pictures go?  i'll tell ya where, he turned into a giant preschooler, who only wants to take all the pictures instead of be in them. 

speaking of pictures, i do have some random ones that you can look at and just pretend that you actually read the previous monologue.  enjoy.

this montage, if you will, is a small glimpse into the summer thus far:  a trip to the ft. lewis splash pad, swimming, hanging out with the animals at the zoo (and a ride on the train, of course), mcdonald's in the rain, the purchase of a mom-mobile, and a jaunt to seattle to run in the half marathon and stop at my good buddy val's baby shower (which was seriously the cutest thing i've ever seen, full stop)