Sunday, October 28, 2007

short and...not so sweet

this will probably be short and sweet. okay, so speaking of that phrase...does everything have to sweet just because its short? i mean, aren't there things in life that are short and not so sweet? like oscar the grouch for example. he is definitly short and most definitly not so sweet. 1-tara 0-phrases that really don't make any sense. score

Saturday, October 27, 2007

a visit to the pumpkin patch

so technically the actual "visit to the pumpkin patch" happened last saturday at about this time, but i've waited until this moment to write about it for dramatic effect...or i just haven't written about it yet. yeah, anyway so my good buddies richelle and siobhan (you know who you are) came to visit last weekend and i told them that we would be frequenting a pumpkin patch and a haunted corn maze. siobhan responded with, "yay! i will bring my hiking boots!" well, alright then. i'm not sure what she was expecting. its not like we were going to be climbing mt. everest in search of the perfect pumpkin, but i went along with it anyway and decided if she wanted to bring her hiking boots, more power to her. little did we know, what she should've brought was a space heater and some long johns. it was freezing out there at the little patch. we had to bundle the little guy up to the point where "he couldn't put his arms down" (yes, that was a shameless plug for a christmas story...its funny though, right) anyway, we all froze our little selves just so we could say...well, mostly I could say that i went to a pumpkin patch. confession--i'm 28 years old and this was my first pumpkin patch...sad but true. i'm so glad i could get that off my chest. okay, so when the rain started pouring, we decided we'd had enough nostalgia for one day and decided to hit the road. i just realized that i'm not the computer that has the pictures from the fateful day among the pumpkins, i guess you'll just have to wait in suspense...i'm sure you will too:)

Friday, October 26, 2007


i haven't really done a lot of "brainstorming" for this entry, but seeing how i'm pretty sure that the only one that reads this is me, i don't think it is such a big deal. one thing that i would like to comment on, however, is how totally and unbelievably cute luke is in his duck costume. halloween kind of snuck up on me..kinda like his first birthday...and before i knew it, it was time to figure out what the little tike was going to be for the big day. i had seen this adorable turtle costume in children's place (is it okay to mention name brands in these things? am i infringing on some copyright law or anything?), but it was 20 bucks and i wasn't sure i needed to spend that amount on something that would only be worn once (for those of you that know what the wedding dress cost, mum's the word). so, i decided that i would keep looking and maybe get lucky and get the thing if it went on sale. with my luck, though, i wasn't really counting on it. anyway, the weekend before the weekend before halloween came up and i just happened to be in the mall, so i swung by "the place" to see if my costume of choice just happened to be waiting for me in the right size and at the right price. well, it wasn't...surprise, surprise, but someone must have known better than me that the duck was cuter and it just happened to be there...EUREKA! i don't think i've ever actually used that word before. kinda fun. okay, now that i've rambled on for longer than necessary, i will close. goodnight luke fans, until another day.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

clapping, waving, and open-mouth kisses

don't be alarmed by the title. this post is not going to be pervocative (this is a family show after all). these three things jus happen to be luke's new trcks that he has picked up since turing the ripe old age of 1. i won't take this opportunity to mention that his cousin, who is a week and a half younger than him, has been doing all of these things for several months now...oops...anyway, luke has also dominated a milestone. he's made it to the 10th percentile for weight--up from the measley 5th percentile that he has been for so long. congratulations luke! maybe you won't be a midget forever.
ps the other boy in the pic is not luke's cousin--its actually a boy that is 2 months younger--go luke

Friday, October 19, 2007


so, somehow i saved this until entirely too late yet again. this must be due to the fact that i am so busy during the day painting my house, canning, scrapbooking, saving endangered species...oh wait, i forgot, i'm not martha stewart/the crocodile hunter. yeah, unfortunately i'm just a housewife without any hobbies besides taking naps and walking/jogging occasionally. wow, that's sad. i'm sorry if i've forced all of you readers out there (are there any readers out there?) to pull out your hankies and weep for me and my patheticness. don't worry, i'm getting better. i've actually recently organized my place of residence and made it more kid friendly in preparation for my son to begin walking. i've had plenty of time to do this based on the fact that he still has yet to venture anywhere beyond where his knees and hands can take hime. he's been pretty slow with every other milestone as well; including reaching the 10th percentile for weight, which he just barely accomplished on his first birthday...congratulations luke! now, as far as a fifth tooth and taking those first few steps are concerned, time can only tell i guess. okay, now that i have digressed from my previous flow of thought--i guess that means it must be time to retire. my brain is pretty foggy thanks to the fact that it is far too late for a mother of a baby to be awake. there is that darned patheticness again...sheesh

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

if shakespeare had a blog...

well, here i am again. i guess this blog thing is really going to happen much to my own chagrin, and definitly against almost every fiber in my being that said i would never do it. oh well. i've decided that it isn't just for fun, however, or because i have succombed to be a member of the dot com generation. i won't be texting as my only form of communication any time soon. instead, i've chosen to declare it an occupational hazard...i don't think that is the proper term or that i really even know what that means, but anyway, point being--i'm going to call my foray into the internet diary world "preparation..." for my future stint on the new york times bestseller list. after all, every inspirational and acclaimed writer began their long, illustrious (is that right? definitly starting off on the right foot...) career witha blog, right? yeah i can just see shakespeare sitting in front of his macbook mulling over the details of his latest blog entitled, "to write or not to write." okay that was cheesy, sorry, its late and i really should be sleeping, seeins how my one year old will be waking up in t-minus 6 hours, if not sooner. goodnight bloggers and civillians alike.
parting is such sweet sorrow

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

okay, so i did it

yes, this is me, tara sutton--blogging. for those of you that know me, this may come as quite the surprise. this is partly because i'm not the most "organized" person...and by not the most-i of course mean not at all :), however, it is mostly because i swore vehemently that i was never going to be a "blogger" in a milion years. well, here i am. does that make me a conformist? a hypocrite? or just bored? i don't know, whatever i am, i'm blogging apparently. i figure that i have a hard time writing in a journal, trying to even begin a scrapbook, or doing anything that most of the new mommies i hear about do. i'm pretty average, i'll admit. maybe that's why this blogging thing might actually be doable instead of something to loath. so, i hope you enjoy. not like i think that my life is something to enjoy per say, but at least i have something to do while i'm usually sitting here thinking that i should have some sort of hobby and you will have something that might at least make you laugh.