Tuesday, October 28, 2008

let the games begin

apparently i left a subliminal message on my blog saying, "please tag me" because it happened twice in one day. thus, this entry might be a tad on the long side, but i'm going to fulfill my blogging responsibility and follow through with each tag. i was never one to just give up when playing the game in the backyard as a child, so i don't see this situation as being any different. on with the show...

Eight Shows I like to Watch:

The Office (duh)
Pushing Daisies
24!!! jack is really the man
Burn Notice

Eight Restaurants I like to eat at:

Black Angus
Spencer's Steakhouse (two words...wow)
PF Chang's
Linnie's Thai
Ruth's Chris
Olive Garden
Costco...yeah, its really true
Shogun (Bennihana's)

Eight things that I've Done today:

wish that i worked out
went to playgroup
took a nap :)
went to olive garden with some friends from pullman
picked up the truck from the shop
bought some chuck taylor's (yay)
let luke play at the kid's place in the mall
watched playhouse disney...good times

Eight Things I am looking forward to:

luke's first trick-or-treating experience
day after thanksgiving sale
thanksgiving itself, of course
moving on with andy's new business
finishing all the annoying details from his old one
having the child that is taking up the majority of my mid-section
the end of the terrible twos...does that ever happen?

Eight Things on my wish list:

no more love handles
a new wedding ring (in the works)
knowing where i will be living
a breast reduction...those of you that know me, know how important this one is
a sweet pair of buckle jeans
a haircut from chris
gray converse (just got them today)
a shopping spree at baby gap

Eight people to tag: (Sorry ahead of time)

adam (both of you...why not)

i'll continue with the other tag tomorrow. one of my eight shows is currently on and my husband is threatening to turn it on without me

Thursday, October 23, 2008

october field trip

i'm jumpin on the bandwagon and posting pictures from our "annual trip" to the pumpkin patch. i put annual in quotations because this is the second time we've ever been to one...andy and i included. well, i can't be totally positive about that, there is a lot from my childhood that i don't recall but as far as i know there aren't pumpkin patches in seoul, korea. anyway, we went last week and gathered up our global gourds with the sincere desire to carve them up as is the halloween tradition. kickin up my heels?

even though the express purpose of our voyage to green bluff was to acquire pumpkins, i'm pretty sure that luke was more interested in acquiring a wheelbarrow to push around. aah, the little joys in life.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

happy birthday luke

here it is, the moment you've all been waiting for...the documentation of luke's amazing 2nd birthday. now, don't be surprised if you experience feelings of utter jelousy brought on by the explosion of creative amazingness. um...or just have a good laugh because i sure did. so, we were in utah for 3 weeks and before i knew it, we were on our way home the day before luke's birthday leaving no time for the creative juices to flow (as if there were any or something). anyway, we get home, head to toys r us and purchase the tricycle that luke has desired ever since he was a wee babe. we invited over a few friends, one who happened to be an 18 month that we have been known to babysit every once in a while...the others were all a tad bit older than the little guy, meaning they were our age because we haven't been around long enough for luke to actually make any little buddies of his own. sorry little buddy--anyway, i put the soup in the crock pot and the cake in the oven. everything was going pretty well until the cake came out and subsequently fell apart, leaving poor pooh's head detatched from his body.

luckily, i have a cake-maker extraordiaire for a friend in pullman so she saved the day this last weekend by making a halloween style concoction that not only stayed together, but looked awesome and tasted even better. thanks again pal. the night was saved by the unveiling of the tricycle and train acquired that day from the store.

2 down, many more to go (aka more chances for me to succeed with a memorable party that might actually make sense).
ps all the pictures have made it into the safe confines of the computer's hard drive, so exciting installments all about new york and the yearly trek to the pumpkin patch are coming soon.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

80 percent chance of showers...

i mean that i'm having a female child. aaaggghhh!!! don't i have enough emotions on my own? now i have to learn to help another estrogen ridden being to cope when the floodgates open? i must admit i had a feeling that this one was gonna come out looking more like me than her dad, but its still a bit of a shocker.

there you have it folks. as if my life story wasn't funny enough, now you get see me struggle through raising a mini version of myself...oh boy, or girl i guess. thanks for all the support. ps still pretty stumped on the name, if you have any thoughts. here's to mini me!

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

winnie the pooh and disposable cameras

i made the realization that i've been pretty lax in the blog writing lately. sorry, i'm going home today and i'm gonna scan some pictures (yes, scan because i've been using a disposable camera while the digital is out of commission) and post some photos and some worthwhile reading that will make you all tear up and hug your loved ones. or maybe i'll just do some more rambling in the form of run-on sentences as i've just demonstrated.

tomorrow is luke's birthday and i am hopelessly unprepared yet again. yikes, is the kid going to be 18 before i actually plan something for him in advance? i guess by that time, he won't need me anymore...oh gosh, we need to move on to a different topic. anyway, if you have any ideas, i would greatly appreciate them. so far, i have a winnie the pooh cake tin and the determination to get him some sort of tricycle. yeah, not much i know...my only solice lies in the fact that he won't remember how unfortunate a mother i am currently and there's always next year. i know this is the last year for both of those blessings, but i fully intend to take advantage of them. yadi yadi yada...happy birthday luke and if you want to come partake in the joyous occasion that will be the anniversary of his birth, it will be this saturday, time and place and all that jazz to be announced.

ps baby sutton will be discovered tomorrow afternoon. if you're important enough, i'll let you know. totally kidding.