Wednesday, February 25, 2009

corn dog without the corn, please

i was going to title this post "the other white meat...luke's new love affair with bacon and hot dogs." then, i realized that hot dogs aren't pork products after all. i know that i've seen the signs that say all beef franks many times before, but i just haven't been able to shake the notion that hot dogs are sausage and sausage is pork...yeah, not so much i know. anywho, so newborn-affected brain and all--i remembered what i wanted to share with all of you. luke is at that ever-exciting age of wanting to do everything by himself, eating sporaticly at sporatic times, and just today refusing to wear a certain shirt...what's up with that anyway? does he already realize that his mother has no fashion sense? oh, i forgot rotating between finding nemo, aristocats, and cars on a daily (minutely if that's possible) basis. i must admit, though, i am trying to relish this (all be it excruciating) phase because i know within a matter of minutes he's going to be off to school and want nothing to do with his blogging-obsessed mother.

okay, onto the the task at hand...luke loves corn dogs--without the corn. you'd think that at this obnoxious phase, a two-year old would want nothing more than to only injest the absolute worst thing for him aka candy, sugar cereal, and the fried outer crust of a corn dog. not when it comes to this kid. well, the first two options, yes; he would take any form of candy over any form of pork whether it be the bacon or beef variety, but the fried corn goodness, he wants nothing to do with. its actually a pretty funny process he goes through when eating a corn dog. he first waits for it to cool off by blowing on it as only 2 year olds can do...not really blow. then, he takes a tiny bite of the outer shell only to discover that the "meat" as he calls it is waiting patiently on the inside. he stares at the the small hole he's created trying with all his might to rid himself of the fried barrier between him and his anticipated meal without actually having to digest it himself. finally, when i can't take anymore of the staring and frowning, i take the dog from the poor guy and begin tearing off what most people would refer to as the good stuff. could kids be any awesomer? as for the bacon fetish, he'll eat that pretty much any time of day. i like to take credit for that one. that's actually not a good thing, but its just so darn tasty. bacon makes anything better if you ask me...or luke :)

a new title and an old, worthless memory

so i've been working on coming up with a new title for my ramblings and this is the best i can come up with at the moment. its not perfect, but it was driving me crazy that sofi hadn't been added to the sutton ranks. so, here it is, and if you don't get the meaning...its a play on the song "just the two of us." i know, clever, and you wish you would have thought of it first. maybe next time. don't worry too much.
now, there is something that i wanted to write about and it involved something i really wanted to remember about luke, but apparently newborn brain is worse than pregnancy brain (or is it just sleep deprivation) and i can't remember what that something is. i'm really trying to be better at writing things down so i can actually have something for my progenitors to read. i'm sure luke wouldn't mind knowing what he was like as a pesky toddler as well. i was hoping that by writing down the fact that i don't remember would force me to remember, but its not working thus far. i guess i'll take a little sabbatical and try to make my synapses fire where i need them to. the meantime, here is a video of the little dude at the jump and bounce...which reminds me of yet another post that will be coming soon. good times. enjoy

Friday, February 20, 2009

on not being alone

one of the (many, many) reasons i love babies is the company they seem to attract like bees to flowers...yes, that is the best metaphor i could come up with on my newborn sleep regimen. anywho, dad and mombo were able to be here for sofi's first week of life as shown in the pictures below, and i couldn't have been more grateful. my hormones blessed me with my first breakdown while they were still here as i was sitting in front of the sewing machine, so i appreciated that for sure. there is just something so great about parents...even though you're all grown up and having babies of your own, you can still feel like you're being taken care of and you don't have to have it all together (which i most definilty do not by the way).

after that week of blissfully feeling like i had no responsibilites (except for being the life-blood for my new child, of course), the rents went back to reality and so did i...but i didn't have to linger there for long. my good buddies, richelle and siobhan came to visit with several tiny, homemade beanies in tow. well, in all honesty, they really came for a concert, but i can pretend that it was just for me, i mean sofi...yeah, that's what i meant. anyway again, thanks to some buddies, i was actually able to leave the confines of my home and go with the ladies to see little big town at a little venue in downtown spokane. i almost decided to leave my husband and family for jimi, but i came to my senses and stayed, but man is he a beautiful man...i even felt like a normal person for a couple hours.
so, here's a shout out to all the little people that brought joy to my (and sofi's) last couple of weeks or first couple weeks as the case may and dad, rochie and shiblon and anthony and krystal (the babysitters). here's to the next couple weeks!
ps um...yeah, sorry jen. it has been great to see you too. thanks for coming to the hospital and helping me cry while watching the biggest loser. good times
AAGGH camille, you're absolutely right. you totally drove your pregnant self up to visit me in my time of need. i'm sorry i forgot you in my meager list of people to thank. you really are right up there i promise. it was awesome to see you and to have an excuse to eat at tomato street as well. thanks to you for the blanket, the visit, and the all-around love. you're pretty darn awesome. can't wait to see you and your little bundle! good luck

Friday, February 13, 2009

one day old...and wiser too?

just a quick note to let you all know that you can check out sofi's first "official" picture by going to and then clicking on "special delivery" and typing in her name. her cheeks are a little red, but i think she's pretty darn pretty :) thanks again to all those that have been so helpful and for all the encouraging comments. they really mean a lot.

enjoy and don't forget to send money...i mean...

totally kidding by the way...i wouldn't mind some sleep though. if you could spare some of course

Friday, February 6, 2009

she's here! who left this little girl with me?

for those of you that know what that little bottle is used apologies :)
it was 5:54 on a dark and stormy night...well, it was dark, but not really stormy i guess. anyway, sofi lyn decided to make her (ever so uncomfortable) way into the world. the petocin was taking its sweet time prodding her along, but by 5:30, she decided it was time. it only took a couple minutes of pushing and she arrived. i obviously don't have the amount of energy to come up with the proper birthing scenario at this particular time, but i will be back with many a detail in tow. in the meantime, enjoy her beautiful first minutes of life via these photos and thanks for all your prayers and well wishes. she's wonderful and, well so am i...i mean, i'm feeling pretty good. thanks a few minutes old...that good ol' sutton nose

all tuckered out