Monday, December 13, 2010

october wasn't that long ago...

hey there!  long time no see my friend.  i know that is mostly, or i guess really, all my fault, but who wants to waste time pointing fingers when we can move on to more fun things like halloween updates?  yes, halloween.  i'm slowly, but surely making my way through my vast assortment of iphone pictures to bring you up to date on our "goings on" if you will.  you have to remember that these are shot with my iphone (some at night even) so the quality is not quite where it should be (nowhere near, but some of us are awaiting that elusive camera to be under the christmas can dream).  anywho, here's the kiddos in their last minute get-ups.  i couldn't figure out what to do forever and sofi was pretty adamant about not wearing anything that i tried to force on her person.  hence, everybody went to the church halloween party as your local home depot  thanks to a certain father of mine, andy was supplied with a genuine, bonafide apron and kids have been to their share of home depot kids workshop days so they were covered as well.  add a few collared shirts and a winning smile and you've got a costume that i'm sure could at least come in with an honorable mention in a contest.  
no, my daughter is not possessed, that's just the flash on the phone.  at least there is a flash though, right?
glass half full people.
luke, showing off his skills with a flashlight.  he originally had a hammer, but that lasted until the
first sucker took its place.
showing off his "real" skills when helping dad fix a cabinet door.  i'm not sure what that face is saying.  i'm guessing something along the lines of "mom, you're totally rad."

yeah, this one is just really know that's right.

stay tuned for thanksgiving and (drum roll please) christmas and all its trappings in the sutton home.  are you on the edge of your seats?  i know i am.