Monday, September 12, 2011


hi!  this is me writing from off the face of the earth where i apparently fell two months ago.  um...i don't have any excuses, just some pictures to show and maybe some witty banter to go along.  enjoy my last few months of summer.  i know i did!

way back in really does seem like forever ago that that month took place, i went to church girls camp with these crazy ladies:

...and apparently made some new best friends in the process.  we had an amazing time and i apparently discovered that my mouth is the size of a grapefruit when i want it to be.  good times.

these are just a hint of the stellar girls that were in our group.  so fun.  so unified.  a truly positive experience.

this is my nephew, zach, helping sofi with her life jacket that came off and back on roughly 7 times while we were at the lake.  there's just something i love about the ruffles and the marshmallow all over her face.  gotta love her.

this is not my best look, but i just had to capture (and share) the one snuggle i've had with my daughter this year.  okay, i exaggerate.  there have been maybe two just like this one.  seriously though, don't you just want to die?

this flower lasted for a combined period of about 10 seconds.  

this brings a whole new meaning to bed

luke and his buddy harry enjoyed many shirtless days at the lake/river/park when it rained.  i don't how these boys are still single.

just a couple of the many faces of sofi.

andy with sofi and our little friend addison at the beach.  who needs the gym?

yes, that is a swimsuit on her head worn as a turban.  what can i say?  the girl's got her own style.

lake + regular diaper = this award winning photo.
(thanks karen.  i couldn't have done it without you)

he's obviously portraying the many monster type animals we explored at the aquarium.  oh and luke was there too.  i know, i know...i'm way too funny, right?
um...are there words?
last but not least, luke's first day of his last year of preschool.  he was so proud of his little piece of art.  i was just in awe of how big that little hand is getting.
so, there you have it:  a summer in sutton pictures.  i kinda slacked on the photographing for a little while there, but i'll definitely make a pointed effort (that's a real phrase right?) to document the fall that is impending on is my favorite time of year after all.