Tuesday, January 26, 2010

i'm coming

i just wanted to let you all know that i started writing a blog that was swirling around in my head as i was up with sofi from 3-5 am this morning, but when i read it back, i sounded like a big whiner...so i'm coming up with something else. also, my (late) new year's resolution is to write at least once a week, both in this blog and in my book that just might surface within the next 5 years. i have started it and for those of you that loyally check up on me, you might just get a glimpse of it every once in awhile. we'll see how brave i'm feeling at the time. if it happens to be at 3:30 in the morning, i'm usually pretty brave, or maybe just sleep-deprived. the point is there is more to come. i know i've said this before, but this time i mean it. i know i stepped right out of a b-movie action flick with that last line, but what can you do? be patient...it is a virtue after all.

here's a little parting gift to whet your appetite:

gotta love a litte blackmail.

ps the "other" baby is this trifecta is my friend camille's baby, sawyer. i love how sofi's arm is just resting on his shoulder like they've been hangin out

Sunday, January 3, 2010

twas the night before insanity

she may look cute, but don't let that precious face fool you...she was the closest thing to evil that i've ever experienced in my life last night. let me just fill you in on the specifics:

6:30 pm-went to bed like a champ

7:00 pm-woke up when luke entered the room

7:30-could be heard making unhappy noises through the door, but reluctantly gave in to slumber

10:00-screaming like her life depended on it. dad succombed to the temptation, brought her in to get some grub and returned her to sleeping bliss...or not

11:00-decided that screaming was better than sleeping again and was taken permanently out of luke's room so as not to force him into her world of awakeness.

1:30-apparently she's only just begun...woke up screaming yet again and mom tried to let her "self-soothe" for about 20 minutes. yeah, there was no soothing happening...self or not. she just kept screaming until finally falling asleep on mom's chest downstairs.

3:30-are you kidding me?? after waking up the whole house, the little tike was given a blessing and sleep ensued, right? well, for a couple more hours anyway.

7:00 am-is it morning? the sun's not up and i feel like a mac truck mistook my head for the freeway...

9:00 am-yeah, so church didn't happen and the sof-meister and i got some much needed (so much needed shut-eye) until luke's return that brought with it a rousing rendition of "jesus wants me for a sunbeam."

oh, what a night...