Friday, November 26, 2010

alright already...

i know, i've all been anxiously anticipating an update from yours truly and i've just been dangling you all by a tiny, tiny thread...or i've just been totally lazy and useless when its come to the computer and anything to do with uploading pictures and coming up with witty, semi-important things to say.  goodness, does the saga ever end.  will she write, won't she write??  i promise i will...right now, in fact...aren't you lucky?  and you didn't think your day could get any better.  without further ado, or unnecessary rambling by me--

luke's birthday:

the birthday boy after his ragin preschool party.
told you it was ragin

the aforementioned reason why i might be crazy.  this was a moment of weakness and will most likely be featured in a craigslist article near you.  we actually need to cut back, so we're going with the much slower/sane peddle bike for christmas.  it was fun while it lasted though...maybe in a few years buddy

the proverbial "before" picture of the cupcakes that joined ranks and became a candy corn cake.  thanks gray girls

"the cake."
it tasted like pumpkin, cream cheese, and heaven.  you know that's right.

apparently, i don't have any photo footage of the pumpkin decorating, present opening, or cupcake eating...but we did get a lovely shot of grandpa braving the weather and taking the train ride hungry kiddos on a ride around the plantation.  we were supposed to go to a pumpkin patch for the festivities, but the northwest sky decided to open up (after weeks of sunshine mind you) and rain all over our happiness.  we managed to have a good time though thanks to grandpa, a huge umbrella, and kids who just love a ride...whether it be on a train or a riding lawn mower

moving on...our "surprise" trip to indiana/michigan

aah...sweet slumber.  it took awhile, but the sweet intoxication of sleep finally won him over.  not for long, however.  ps yes, that is totally drool

i know you love the quality of this photo...and all of them for that matter.  my iphone is my all purpose camera at the moment (and most likely many moments to come).  this was the first pumpkin patch of the season.  there were several riding toys and luke chose the one closest to his heart...the tractor.  like grandfather like grandson.

sofi, not to be outdone, found a tractor of her own to match her cowboy boots.

need i say more...?

he finally got his first train ride of the season.

they took a break from fighting over the swing long enough to look like they actually love each other.

how to train your dragon...'nuf said

pumpkin ice cream at bruster's in bloomington, in.

did i mention that i put pumpkin in the most food possible this time of year?  luke enjoying the aftermath of the pumpkin cookies.  you can never have too much pumpkin

thanks to the sacrifice made by our good buddies the fishers, luke was able to be entertained during the 6 hour drive to uncle tyler's and mom and dad's sanity was salvaged as well.

enjoying the largest christmas store known to man in the bavarian town of frankenmuth, michigan.  was 3 football fields of pure christmas awesome you ask?  oh yes, it was awesome.

luke and his cute cousin kate

first bike excursion...luke didn't come in for 3 hours. hence, another reason why he's finding one under the christmas tree.  anything to keep that kid's attention.

to be continued...

i know i say that and i've been know to not follow through.  this time, however, i will.  i think i just might've awoken the blogger in me.  it feels good to write again.  i hope you all had a fabulous thanksgiving.  i'll let you know all about ours in the near future.