Tuesday, June 29, 2010


can you find me?  i was there among the 20 something thousand crazies that ran from tukwila to seattle on saturday morning...by choice.  i know, there are perfectly good cars and buses, what were we thinking? 

ps you won't find me in this picture.  these are the people that have circa 2 % body fat that finished the 26.2 miles before i even finished half of that.  go person whose name i can't pronounce from kenya...woo hoo!!

Monday, June 21, 2010

oh goodness...

so...i did it...i broke the cardinal rule.  i was already feeling crummy/bummed due to a heavy mixture of rain, a child waking up at 4 am, a possibility of it being that time of the month...who knows.  anyway, the logical part of me says, "don't do it...just check your email and then go back to your book and read until sleep so mercifully sweeps you away into dreamland.  don't even start typing blogger into the search bar."  yeah, i guess the totally insane and sadistic part of me said "shove it" and went there anyway.  oh goodness, has it really been THAT long since i posted something...and has everyone else been THATawesome at updating and posting cute pictues and fancy crafty thingys?  oh goodness again...and maybe a little bit of yikes. 

one thing i can say is that i have at least been a little busy.  i know, right?  me, busy?  i actually have though.  i've begun working for my mom here at the in-home office which has made mommy mornings a little more difficult, but still doable and dare i say, a little fun?  maybe, we'll go with it for now.  i've also been training for my second half marathon.  no, no, no need for applause...okay, if you must...i topped off the training aspect of it with a brisk 10 miler on saturday...and by brisk i mean semi-long and maybe a little painful.  the race is this saturday in seattle and i just scored a new pair of these to go along with my newfound running legs.  who knew those were hiding under there...

apparently my shoes were something crazy like 2 sizes too small..."oh, is that all?"  who does that?  the answer is me i guess.  crazy.  so that numbness wasn't normal after all.  awesome.  anywho, point being that i have been filling my life with some actual cool stuff.  i have missed writing though.  i've just been in what i like to call an uncreative phase.  i may be alone in this, but sometimes i literally won't pick up a book or type on a keyboard for months at a time because i just can't get inspired.  its a bad habit i need to break, though,  because i'm always happier when i'm reading and writing and i'm pretty sure i read somewhere that its better to be happier than..."in a "phase." 
in other news, my children have been growing, quite rapidly as it turns out, so i've been trying to make a conscious effort to document it.  armed with only my iphone  (camera's broken and new camera fund made its way into a mini van...sad but true), i've captured these precious gems.  enjoy, and thanks again for being a pal.  i know i haven't said it to you all personally, but i feel it and i'm grateful.

the zoo, the park, mcdonald's in the rain...all in a day's work
sofi loves her some honda odyssey...who could blame her?

Thursday, June 3, 2010


 I won't go into details...but just suffice it to say that about a month and a half ago, luke FINALLY received one of these:
and one of these:

and maybe one of these:

feel free to sing his praises.  i know i am, along with the men that so dutifully take care of our garbage recollection once a week (namely my husband and those other guys)...yay luke!!

i just thought i'd throw this picture in for good measure.  yes, that is sofi's first haircut and yes, she is absolutely thrilled about it.