Saturday, November 22, 2008

ode to the phenomenon that is twilight

so, i have to come clean, i was among the choice few (actually many) who endured the late night bedtime in order to catch the very first showing of twilight: the movie. the experience was fun overall and definilty interesting. among the sporatic mother and person my age...there were about 500 screaming teenagers and the occasional boy. i know what you're thinking. they took their girlfriends because it would be girl heaven, right? well, there was actually a row of about 5 males that were there without a feminine escort. i guess we're not the only ones who love edward...right, ladies?

all in all, the movie was pretty good. i don't have too many complaints about it, some of which could have been avoided if those aforementioned adolescent girls were missing from the experience. the other quite large problem was the actress who played bella. i think i might be mostly alone in this because i haven't heard of too many other people who didn't approve of her, but she drove me nuts nonetheless.

i'll just leave it at that for those of you who have yet to experience the joy of seeing edward lifesize and in color (and in the form of cedric diggory, which i surprisingly wasn't upset about after all. he did pretty well considering the beautiful shoes he had to fill).

ps even though i did see if before all of you, i was in the front row and thus had to rub and refocus my tired eyes every few minutes so don't be too jealous.

happy edward viewing!!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

is there a punishment for blog neglect?

yeah, so obviously if there is, i would charged with it. i've been feeling rather badly that i haven't posted a new installment in the day in the lives of the sutton family for quite some time, but i have a good excuse. actually, i really don't. i've just had a severe case of blogger's block. plus, i don't really have any pictures...add those two together and there's your formula for no new post in several days. in fact, i really don't have a lot to say now...i'm just really trying to come up with something so that a new little title will pop up on your lists saying that i posted something like all good bloggers should.

i guess i'll just use this pictureles blog to fill you all in on the drama that is andy's business or lack thereof. so, a while back, i wrote a cryptic entry about something that was happening to andy and his "employment status." well, to make a long, agonizingly annoying story short, his business partner told him he wanted out of their partnership. this was the day before we left for utah mind you. woo hoo! nothing like crappy, crappy news to get you on your way to a fun-filled vacation. so, we left and andy talked with several people that he knows from living in salt lake for 20 plus years of his life and he found someone that was interested in starting up a new company. enter satellite professionals, inc. set to debut any day now. i say set to debut because now he is in the course of jumping through hoop after hoop thrown so mercifully by dish network and brought on by the awesomeness of changing companies when least expecting it. i can see the comments now:

where are you going to live?
when are you leaving spokane?
where is your child going to be born?
are you going to be homeless

all very valid questions, but not of them have i been able to answer for all the countless people that have asked me up to this point. needless to say, its getting a little frustrating. mostly because i love the holidays and i'm feeling a tad sabotaged. i mean seriously, kick us out of the business two months before christmas??? that's like getting dumped right before prom (which i was by the way. i ended up going with a boy that i had a bargain with at the beginning of year-stating that if neither of us had a date, we would go with each other. tmi? sure, but sad nonetheless, right?) anyway, in short...i think its really funny that people write in short after a horrendously long explanation like i just did. gotta love irony. yadi yadi yada...we've had our very own scrooge/crachett experience this year and i guess it hasn't killed us, so that means it will make us stronger supposedly.

in reality, i really do have a lot to be grateful for. i have a wonderful husband (how's that for cliche? i'm workin on it) who is willing to overcome this hiccup shall we say and seek new and better opportunities. i never have to wonder if he will be willing to put blood, sweat, and tears into his work. preferrably just the middle one, but you know what i mean. i can rely totally on him and for that i will be forever grateful. i also have a healthy child, who even though has learned the fine art of screaming to portray both good and bad emotions, is hilarious and fun and the reason why i get up at 10 to 7 everyday. life is good, christmas is coming and this blog is getting unecessarily long. i guess some stuff to say after all. thank you all for your support and kind words. its been a bit of a trying time, but i'm glad that i have friends like you and all the blessings that come with that.

here's a picture to lift your spirits in case they need lifting. it certainly did the trick for me:
Nothing says happy fall like a good old fashioned lighter sale. gotta love spokane

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

up and coming...

yes, i am still here and yes i do have halloween pictures that will make you all wish that luke was your child because he's so darn adorable, but no i do not have them posted yet. i've been experiencing blogger's block yet again, but keep the faith. you'll be updated soon :) don't despair!