Saturday, July 17, 2010

vacay and all things fireworks/disney/and messy, messy cars

there are so many pictures coming you won't even be able to believe it, especially because you're reading my blog.  one problem though...i don't have them yet.  they are currently resting comfortably in a disposable camera that we bought when we couldn't figure out which bag the real camera was in.  i have a few to tease you with in the meantime, however, so break out the popcorn and sit back and relax...well, don't get too relaxed, there really are only a few for the moment (insert nervous laugh/half smile here)...
the annual harker/married names of the female children fireworks extravaganza and when i say extravaganza i mean 3 hours of homemade mayhem thanks to a few trips to montana.  it was so fun to actually be able to be among the people in the photos that i usually just see from afar.  thanks harkers and ps if any of you fancy pants photographer cousins of mine have any pictures that actually have my son in them, please be so kind as to send them my way.  thanks a million!
it took awhile to actually get one of those little beauties (sparklers) into luke's hand, but once i did, he was hooked...or he was too busy riding his bike with the only kid that he wasn't related to. 
auntie kathleen.  my dad's little sister and apparently my kissing post.  love ya lady!
pizza with my bestest cousin (on the other side), sydney and her awesome girls.
i know what you're thinking...who's that really cute one in the middle?  samantha and elly, you are adorable for sure!

more to come sure to check back next at the same bat time and same bat channel, oh wait, that's something totally different.