Monday, May 19, 2008

you asked for it...

after much anticipation--here they are: pictures of the little dude himself. since i've been less than stellar about putting photos on here as i go, this is going to be somewhat of a collage if you will, of the boy we call luke. enjoy...oh and by the way-i might have misled some of you into thinking that i live in an actual house now. its not quite a house, its more like an apartment. alright, alright-it is an apartment, plain and simple, but it is a palace compared to the other hole that i lived in previously. i also wanted to say thanks to all the encouragement after my little run. i appreciate it and maybe i'll do it again someday thanks to all your nice words...if you're a betting person, i wouldn't in this case :)

favorite form of transportation. see photo at top of page :)

one word: aah

sometimes the rice gets away from the guy, what can we say?

my mission is to get a cuter picture of this. luke has discovered his pockets...and it is seriously the cutest thing you have ever seen. no, really, it is

gram and luke at the lake...i know, i know...aah is word that comes to mind yet again

Thursday, May 15, 2008

the day has FINALLY come!!!

no, i didn't get the gold medal for the uneven bars...that's still in the works...but i did move out of the nasty shoebox that i called home! this past week, andy graduated from college (insert finally here as well) and we moved our little family and our not so little belongings up to the northside of spokane. its so great, i'm almost tempted to put pictures of the place on this blog...i know that no one is really interested in seeing pictures of a bunch of a white walls, but it just makes me so happy. luke can actually go outside and touch grass instead of merely walking out onto the 40 year old balcony that was covered in who knows what. don't worry, no need to call cps, he's totally germ-free now that we have a carpet i can feel good about walking on in bare feet and two whole bathrooms that haven't had mold growing on the walls for the last decade! yay (feel free to clap, i currently am). well, that's about it for excitement here. i like to get rid of it all at once as you can see. andy graduated, family came to visit, huge move...oh and i ran 13.1 miles on saturday, but i'll discuss that later. there was a trip to ikea in there somewhere too, which as everyone knows is definitly blogging material.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

back from the dead...or lack of computer

so, for those of you who are still checking this site to see if i've enlightened you in any way...i'm back after a long hiatus of sick children (well, child i guess), a sicker husband, and an even sicker computer. it crashed, but has come back from the dead, thanks to a computer genius with very large dogs and an eye for "corrupt files." a couple of fellow office fans just launched their own site so i thought it was time to revisit mine.