Saturday, July 2, 2011

some photos to wet the whistle...

i know its been quite some time...i know you know that too, so why did i state the obvious?  lets just call it filling up space, shall we?  great.

i might want to be in my bed at the moment, so i'm just going to take a few minutes and put up some photos that just can't not be're gonna be grateful you stopped by.  i promise.

first up, a couple before and afters of my dear second born:

a couple weeks ago, she went from this (which was her first french braid...not done by me, but who's counting)
to this...i just can't let go of that darn bob.

and then from this...

to this.  poor little lady acquired a lazy eye.  i'm not going to blame that on overstimulation due to a certain apple device at all.  we'll just leave that to the professionals.  she's now lovingly known as our "princess pirate."  we've discovered that with little girls, all you have to do is put the word princess in front of something and all of a sudden its wearable and/or awesome/attractive.  unfortunately, when the princess bribery runs its course, we have to drop medicine in her eye that dilates her good pupil to the size of a quarter, thus causing our sweet little angel to look like she belongs alongside the bearded lady.  someday we'll look back and laugh...well, maybe she won't so much...
we've seen this a great deal lately.  terrible fours anyone?  he's actually really super fun...which also means he can be a touch moody on occasion.  good times

as for these three gems...something about a thousand words?