Saturday, September 18, 2010

this is the face of...

the future?  no

the military?  no

this is the face of "lack of motivation..."

yes folks.  that is, what i like to call, lunch for dinner.  i know most of you probably indulge in ye olde breakfast for dinner every once in awhile.  waffles, bacon, eggs, hash browns, probably some fruit and milk.  pretty nutritious and, dare i say, delightful.  lunch, it nutritious? yes...i did include all the food groups and that is wheat bread in case you're wondering.  is it creative? not in the least.  no thought process or yummy ingredients went into our family meal this evening.  no, just plain old, "we've pulled out every puzzle, cut and glued paper for the sake of 'doing a craft,' sung every disney song in our repetoire and flew around like airplanes for longer than i care to admit.  tonight's dinner was solely the product of me not wanting to do anything that involved a stove or more than 3 ingredients.  sorry luke and sofi.  i hope that one day you can forgive me and my lack of imagination.  look on the bright side, maybe tomorrow we'll have dino nuggets!

collective sigh...

in other news--why did i go to a washington school?  it makes it really tough to be a "coug forever!"  as they say.  at least my husband is an honorary ute, so at least there's some hope there.

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