Wednesday, September 1, 2010

ready, set, blog-a-thon

could i sound any cheesier?  that was for all those chandler bing fans out there.  yeah, you know who you are.  so, this is all amy nielson's fault.  i read her blog and now i will attempt to write something (hopefully semi-meaningful) in this blog everyday until i pass out on october 1st from sheer finger exhaustion.  i know this really does seem crazy since my updating has been less then consistent, but who knows, maybe i'll surprise us all...that's right, us. 

i'm not promising a novel everyday, in fact, some days will be a picture with maybe a caption...if you're lucky.  i'm hoping i'll kill two birds wtih one stone...why do we say that anyway?  its so gruesome to be talking about killing birds.  what are we gonna do next, knock a baby off a tree limb?

anyway, some days will be witty banter, while other days will be pictures that will show my newfound skills that will be acquired thanks to clark college.  so, i guess its see you tomorrow?  oh boy, what have i done?


Tina said...

Yay! Excited that you are joining in on my blogging challenge! Look forward to reading more about you in the next month!

MamaBear said...

i think you are off to a great start here! i'd love to see some pics!

McCain Family said...

I can't wait to see all the posts!
Love ya, dude.

Courtney Shelby said...

Wow, you are brave. I'm lucky to get a blog posted monthly!
Here are 10 ideas for you:
1) Awesomeness of Michael Weston.
2) thins lurned att kollege.
3) Pics of your favorite meal.
4) Cute unisex names, like Dylan.
5) How much someone would have to pay you to remove a limb (like arm or leg).
6) Andy's Man crush. (matt's is Justin Timberlake)
7) Favorite iPhone app.
8) How ghetto the north side of Spokompton is.
9) How Taylor Lautner's abbs have better acting chops than the chick that plays Rosalie.
10) Favorite New Kid On The Block

I expect you to pick at least one of these!