Thursday, September 9, 2010

Insert picture here...

Imagine, if you will, an extremely charming version of my firstborn standing by the the door of his brand new preschool on his very first day.

You'd better have a fabulous imagination because that's the only picture you're going to get. As it turns out, one needs to transfer one's photos from their broken iPhone to one's home computer before taking it in to get fixed because they will return home with a bright, shiny, new iPhone that does not come standard with said pictures.

Yeah, I was "the one" in this scenario that didn't realize I was going to be given a new phone (which is awesome) but i hadn't downloaded my photos or music (not awesome).

Moral of the story: buy a real camera and use it. Often. The end.

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Tina said...

Oh sad. Good lesson to be learned. Well, just take one of his second day and you are good to go!