Friday, September 24, 2010

fabulous finds friday 2.0

hey, surprise!  i'm actually here for the second week in a row.  i guess i really do have some secrets (that might not be so secret, but still awesome nonetheless) to share.  this week's installment is all about food, the eating out aspect of it, and the awesomeness that is having your children be involved while you do.

unfortunately, today's deal is only accessible by those of you that live in the vancouver/portland region of our great united states.  without further ado...

yes, that does say BREWING CO. at the bottom of the restaurant title, but that isn't all it is.  in fact, it is probably the most kid friendly eating establishment in the northern hemisphere...okay, i won't go that far.  it is, however, the best place to take kids in this area.  if you'd like to know the specific locations, go ahead and comment and i'll let you know!

the specifics:  awesome food, and get this--awesome kid play area!  oh yeah, you heard me right.  while you're sitting with your man, or woman, or friends, or yourself with a good book and a hot chocolate...your kids are playing in a (semi) supervised area and are completely out of your hair!  i only say semi because you can see them, but you don't have to pay too much attention because they're having way too much fun to bother doing anything harmful to themselves or others :) so, you actually get to eat an entire meal without forcing a toddler into their chair, forcing food into their mouth or forcing yourself to not get up and leave because you're so annoyed with the fact that your food is cold and all you've done is wish you were somewhere else.

in conclusion-this place is awesome and to top it all off, they have a great happy hour.  the menu is pretty extensive and there is nothing on it over 4 bucks.  plus, it goes until 6:00...cha ching!

so go out, enjoy, and make sure and call me to tag along because, that's right, its awesome!!

in other news, apparently my son's preschool has a blog and i found this little treasure on there this afternoon.  love this little dude.  don't be surprised if he discovers the ancient city of atlantis someday.  pretty sure that is what he is so concentrated on in this photo...


Child Family said...

where is it? and why haven't I heard of it before?

McCain Family said...

That picture is so cute! Luke looks totally into the world:)
That restaurant sounds so fun. I would love to have a place like that around here.
Love ya!

tara said...

jacqui-there is one in battleground and three in portland (two in hollywood district and one in nw portland). they really are awesome. luke loves going and we enjoy luke being occupied :)