Friday, April 22, 2011

april's almost over? really...?

i've been told that its been awhile sine i've tickled the old ivory keys...not the piano kind, the ones that look ivory thanks to apple and its many innovations.  aka the blog.  anyway, it has been awhile and for that very reason, i'm giving you all (yes, all 3 of you) a treat by bringing you on a trip down memory lane.  can't wait?  on the edge of your seats?  alright, lets get this show on the road...

who needs to walk?  you have to take advantage of what little sun we get somehow :)

luke might love trains more than me.  the proof of this statement lies in the fact that we went to the train station so i could head up to seattle for a hugely anticipated girls weekend and he was more sad at the fact that he wasn't getting on the train than that i was leaving for the weekend.

sofi's future husband...aka my wonderful friend val's beautiful son, harrison

are there words?

kickin it with mom and pops.  it was so much fun to take pictures of a little dude again.  now, if only i could actually edit them so they looked cool.  someday

luke's first bike.  he had so much fun until the chain came off.  don't worry, we fixed it...i wish i could say the same for that darn bell.  it had an unfortunate accident...

of course she couldn't be left out of the helmet distribution.  thanks grandpa

we love her...snot and all

playin at the park during our trip to bend, or.  it was a little chilly, but do kids even feel the weather?

luke was pretty excited about the "green" fire truck at the museum.  oh to be so easily amused.

i might be addicted to the instagram app on my phone. 

my lovely friend, heidi and her little one.  there was no coaxing a smile out of that one.

i know the quality on this one isn't ideal, but that face is priceless

the pool at the resort.  yes, that last picture is capturing luke "taking a rest" and sofi escaping to the big pool wearing nothing but a swim diaper thanks to the fact that i couldn't find her suit buried in her suitcase....whole other story. 
i usually don't go for ruffles, but i have to admit that she might be the cutest thing ever in this picture.  awesome expression included

luke and his little friend, jonah playing at the bend spring festival.  yes kids!  throw a giant ball at each other!  they were pretty much in heaven

can you really not love this?

there was a bike obstacle course.  the training wheels were their own obstacle, but he pulled it out thanks to some help from dad and a helmet that is just a tad on the small side