Saturday, May 15, 2010

moments of the day

so i'm not sure if this is going to be a weekly occurence, but i couldn't let the sun go down until i shared these "precious moments."  seriously, sofi was totally stuck like that and instead of sympathy and saving the poor, wimpering soul, i ran for my camera and snapped this little gem.  sure love these little dudes.

Friday, May 14, 2010

mother's day

regrettably, i had to stay home with the littlest sprout on mother's day due to fever and all around crankiness (sofi was sick too) so i wasn't able to attend church as they celebrated the madre.  i guess luke didn't think that singing to the rest of the moms was kosher, so he cried instead.  sofi and i were treated with a much needed nap and downtime until luke came home and handed me this:
yeah, i'm still tearing up.  i know its cliche and i know you all know already, but isn't it really moments like this that magically make you forget their long, long...long road to potty training, the toys spread all over the floor right after you clean it, the food you have to practically force down them, yadi yadi yada...

needless to say, it made my day.  heck, it made my entire 3 1/2 years that the  boy's been alive and living under my same roof.  i love that kid even though he doesn't quite understand how much.  i know i haven't made much of myself as far as the world is concerned, but i'm really starting to realize how much more his world matters.  a belated happy mom's day to all you lovely mothers out there.  you're beautiful, wonderful, and even though your concerts may not be selling out to millions, its the late night impromptu singing of twinkle, twinkle little star and itsy bitsy spider that really make a life worthwhile. 

yes, i still am channeling dr. phil apparently.  happy mom's day ladies. 

Saturday, May 1, 2010

to make a long story even longer...

so consider me riddled, yes riddled with guilt.  i decided to make an april resolution to blog/write in my manuscript every week. 

enter my good buddy failure. 

sheesh.  so, instead of throwing myself a giant pity party (which are good if you need an excuse to have cake) i'm deciding to make an end of april/almost may resolution.  i need to take more pictures/videos of my little dudes because, well, they won't be this little for very long...

side story--the other day i was driving home from a preschool open house and upon recollection of what transpired while talking with the teacher, i began to sob...well, maybe not sob, but there were some definite tears.  i realized that besides a few trips, i have not been without luke from sun up (sometimes even earlier) to sun down (sometimes even later).  i knew, of course, that i want him to go....that it is the best thing for both of our sanity and overall good nature, but preschool?  really?  luckily, i have another slightly smaller version of him to keep me company when i think that i can drop everything and do whatever i want...aka move to italy for four months just to eat a lot of carbs and learn italian--oh wait, that was the chick that's being played by julia roberts in eat, pray, love...sheesh.  maybe i'll just eat the carbs and call it good...

anywho, i need to document our lives better minus the whining and the incessant need for recognition.

another side stlory/apology--sorry for my previous outburst.  i honestly don't want to make any of you feel obligated to praise me religously.  you should practice your religion religously, however...the angst really sprang from insecurities with myself and the fact that i'm pretty nervous about actually buckling down and writing a book.  i was looking for immediate gratification which, i know now, was way too immediate.  so sorry again and really, thanks for reading anyway.  just read, enjoy, comment if you want (or have the time between feeding children or yourself and sleeping or working of course), but don't feel like suicide will invade my thoughts if you don't. 

thank you

as for previously promised, did not do that sweet alliteration on purpose...they are currently on my camera which is, you guessed it, broken.  just call me the woman who is not meant to photograph.  its sad really.  i finally remembered to bring it along, which was a feat in itself, when previously mentioned smaller version of luke grabbed it and proceeded to introduce it to the ground in a not so gentle manner.  sigh...the pictures are safe on the sd card luckily, but blah blah blah they're not in my hot little hand at this moment.  so, wait again in anticipation and i will be back shortly...hopefully...soon.

ps i tried to add a little video for viewing pleasure here at the end, but the little icon is mia.  does anyone know how to upload a video these days?  yes, consider me the neanderthal of blogging.