Friday, October 30, 2009


i just spent 60 blissful minutes watching linus wait patiently for the great pumpkin. charlie brown just happened to say exactly what i'm feeling...

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

by the way...

i'm canvassing my computers for pictures and my brain for ideas...give me a break people! creative genius takes time you know. meanwhile, the computer screen just keeps staring back at me with its blank, icy stare. mocking me with each new post that someone else puts up while i sit and listen to the musical stylings of super why. the joys of precious motherhood.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009


i had to document that this was the word i just had to type in order to comment on someone's blog post. i mean seriously. wow.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

have a little faith in me

i'm not gonna lie, my favorite movie for a long time was look who's talking now with kirstie alley and john travolta and yes, a couple of talking dogs. it made me happy because it is set during christmastime and for some crazy reason, i memorized and watched it circa 1000 times a year for a while there. i still love it, but i'll admit that i've abandoned it for such blockbusters as thomas and friends (thanks to you heidi) and curious george. the reason i'm telling you all this little tidbit of somewhat embarrasing information is because i was reminded of not only my long lost favorite happy movie, but also of my all-time favorite song last night while watching something entirely different.
everytime someone has asked me what my favorite song is, i've always gone with something from the synthesizer-infused 80's...usually if you leave from pretty in pink. as i sat in the theater at the close of love happens, however, i was reminded of the fact that, even though i haven't realized it, this song actually spins my world:

in an age where songs are full of references to booty calls and cell phones and are comprised of lyrics including, "right now, he's probably slow dancing with a bleach blonde tramp and she's probably getting frisky..." and, "super fresh, now watch me jock, jockin on them haterz man," this song is literally a breath of fresh air. not only are the lyrics beautiful, but they actually mean something. i love the selflessness of the song and the fact that its about lifting someone else and living for them, which is a nice change from the me-focus generation that i have found myself living get the idea. its a great song that makes me want to be great.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

no, your eyes don't deceive you...

those really are pictures you see. somehow, luke turned 3 today and we've had a party with a cake that made it to the table completely intact. i'm really not sure how it happened. in fact, if someone could let me know how he miraculously turned from a sleeping, gurgling, toe-sucking tiny baby to the cars-obsessed giant he is today, i'd greatly appreciate it. its amazing how much faster time really does fly as you get older. it seems like just yesterday that i walked in to find him eating a whole package of graham crackers (see picture on the right side of your screen), or when he learned how to walk by pushing a hot pink stroller around my sister-in law's house. he really is pretty darn cool and even though potty training officially sucks and he sometimes (often) makes me question why i bore him in the first place...i love the little boy/big brother that he has become. happy birthday little buddy. here's to you and your love of string cheese and flashlights. you really do make life a little more and nbc (their new slogan for those of you non tv-watchers).

Friday, October 2, 2009

"un"planned parenthood

i keep putting off writing something because i really don't have any pictures and the guilt just seems to throw my mind into something else. since october has reared its oh so beautiful head, however, i've decided that i need to see its name written at the top of a post. i've promised myself and many of you, i'm sure, that i would never discuss potty training or anything of its nature in this blog, but for the sake of this entry, we need to just skim the surface.

last saturday, i decided it was time to buckle down and get that kid out of diapers. so, i woke up, took off his pants (left mine on) and began the every 5 minute trip to the bathroom, follwed by the token skittle routine. things were going pretty smoothly until about 10 minutes after i began. lets just say, i'm pretty sure i didn't get my necessary 8 hours of sleep (who does anyway?), i was cranky for who knows what other reason, and luke just wasn't really into going the distance. its all pretty much a fuzzy blur now, but i'm pretty sure i began to be frustrated, he began to scream, there were several trips to timeout, several more fits of screaming and crying by both parties, an explosion of baby powder in the kids' room...all culminating in one almost 3 year old being placed ever so lovingly (while fuming under the surface) in his unmade bed (due to the aforementioned explosion of baby powder) and a blotchy, red-eyed, shell of a mother exiting the room and narrowly avoiding abandoning the family thanks to the food network and a previously stashed reese's peant butter cup. after the two of us had a nice, healthy break from each other and the water closet, luke and i enjoyed an evening of corn dogs, surf's up (shia lebouf just has a way about him even in penguin form), blackberry picking (him eating, me picking), and brainwashing...we both needed to remember each other the next day in a different light....which brings me to my title. have you ever wondered why the program is called "planned parenthood" when the reason why girls go there is because they definitly were not planning on parenthood happening?

i definitly had one of those days where being a parent, good or not, was just not in the cards. we can always have the best intentions, the best "plans," only to get to the end of a 12, or in luke's case, 15 hour day and wonder if your child will ever recover from the disaster you put him through. the truth is, that they will and you will and 30 years down the road, you'll only wish you could have a glimpse of that sweet, little, innocent boy that had once forced you to question your sanity thanks to a day of endless wet lightening mcqueen underoos.