Wednesday, December 31, 2008

sorry, no pictures...soon i swear

okay apology is in order to all of you who actually read this glimpse into my life. i'm sorry its been so long. it all started because i didn't have any pictures and then i had pictures, but not transferred to the computer, and now i've been camas which you all know means dial-up internet, which means i don't come within 10 feet of the computer. that was a serious run-on sentence.
anyway, to make this sob story even sobbier (i know its not a word, but since i already failed on the grammer side of things, i decided to just go with it)...i don't have pictures again. i won't go into why because i'm sure you're already bored, but i wanted to say merry christmas and happy new year and tune in because my false promises will become true promises as soon as i am surrounded by the wonderful aura of wireless internet. i hope you all had a wonderful holiday and that the new year brings everything you are hoping for. how's that for cheesy?
thanks for your friendship, support, and for all the fun i have reading about your lives. i'll be back...i promise :)

Sunday, December 14, 2008

merry christmas!

apparently its finally christmas on the sutton blog. i promise i really am chock-full of christmas spirit, i just have been totally blog-retarded and haven't even looked at it in pretty close to a millenia. its going to be awhile again unfortunately because i'm heading to the internet black hole that is my parents' house. i'm definitly going to try and post again before i fall into the great abyss. you all definitly need an update on the business/moving scenario that will be happening in the near or distant future...depending on the child that will be arriving. hasta pronto...hopefully.