Tuesday, September 23, 2008

thanks dudes

i think that's a recycled title, but it works for this post nonetheless. i promise i wasn't trying to whine, it was just one of those times when you realize something and have to write it down. i guess if i was a poet, i would've been able to write something profound and meaningful...but, alas, i am what i am and i'm grateful for those of you that wished me late regards. i was happy to get them. on a higher note, as i was perusing some other blogs, i ventured upon one birthday post discussing the joy that comes on a birthday, but also her "resolutions" if you will for the year to come. i guess i learned a bit of a lesson and decided it was time to end the pity party. i will come up with my list and let you know...stay tuned

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The Rupps said...

Oh, I am such a loser!!! I am so terribly sorry that I forgot to call you. I even remembered that it was coming up. I love you to peices and hope that it was a decent day! I think when you come down fo the game we should have a combo b-day for you, Andy, and Luke. Oh, sorry again about the Pants. I am such a doof. Love Ya dude! Cami