Thursday, September 11, 2008

false alarm

so, apparently i misled several of you (or maybe you just didn't understand such literary genius...kidding) into thinking that i would be discovering the sex of our newest little one this week. sorry, i just had a routine check up. everything does seem to be fine, however, and its full speed ahead...whether i like it or not, i guess. we did get some pretty bad news about andy's business, but i will fill you in as information comes to light. for now, we're headed to utah and then we'll really find out what's on the horizon (as far as if the nursery is going to be pink or blue) when we return in october.


Courtney Shelby said...

Will you guys be back for Office premier?!?

Jonah, Dave and Heidi said...

So, yeah, you can totally download all the photos from the reunion by clicking on the picasa album link on the reunion website ( Once you find a photo you want, click on it and then there will be an option to download right above the photo. Let me know if you have any trouble, k? Sorry again about missing your birthday... I am a jerk. I cannot wait to find out about what you are having this go-around. Can you tell? I get a little excited about these things.

Me plus 3 Hecks said...

Um, so what are you doing in Utah and why haven't you called me yet?! If you are still here, 801-473-1748. Use it. Or else.