Thursday, November 29, 2007

bargain shopping

there must be some deal-seeking gene that i wasn't born with. i just don't get it. there are so many times when i compliment someone and they say, "thanks i got it at tj maxx for two bucks!" how the heck did they find tht billion dollar coat for 2 dollars when the only place i saw it at was retailing it for 350? i know what you're thinking, i should just go to tj maxx, right? wrong, unfortunately, i don't get that place either. i walk in and am immediately overwhelmed by the sheer size of it all...i give up after about two racks because i can't handle the pressure. sad tale i know. if i find something i like, its pretty much inevitable that first, its the most expensive thing in the store and b-its going to be completely out of stock by the time it would go on, then begins the battle in my mind. can i afford it? do i REALLY need it? okay, i usually don't need it, but i've gotten pretty good at convincing myself sometimes...and finally, i really should just get it now because it will be gone later. dangit!!
one of the solutions that i have come up with for my lack of amazing deal finding talent (should that have been hyphenated?) is to just put the blinders on until i get to the back of the store where the "clearance" resides. the deals kind of have a way of finding me that way instead of vice-versa. of course, that awesome shirt or pair of shoes for luke just happen to be right by the clearance rack and i'm back to square one.

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Rachel said...

this is my thought on the whole thing: yes some people are born with it. like stefano. or its a technique they learn and teach you. its rubbing off on me but not like some. but seriously like you've said, the baby stuff (cute baby stuff) sells out much faster. and plus, who are you looking at all day him or you? completely makes sense to me that you want him to be cute stuff since you see him all day...and people completely dismiss grungy little ones faster than disorganized adults. plus adult junk can be found so much easier and cheaper its not fun anymore to dress ourselves. those five extra pounds make it that much more miserable. in short, i'm with you.