Saturday, November 3, 2007

little mr. independent

not to be mistaken with kelly clarkston's "miss independent" is my son, luke and his new independent phase...sorry for the reduncancy. i just can't think of another word for independent right now at this heinous hour, which actually in the scheme of things isn't quite so heinous because its daylight savings--anyway, the last few days i've been doing the little things that need to be done around the apartment in order to make it bearable for me to continue residing here, only to realize that little lukey isn't hovering around my ankles looking anxiously up at me as if to say, "play with me, pick me up, do something..." instead, he has actually been making his way on his hands and knees to his room and has proceeded to play with his mountain of stuffed animals and little tonka truck by himself. is this kid growing up before my eyes or what? i mean, what's next? his driver's license? one thing's for sure--he will definitly never cease to amaze guessed it, my son's a genius :)

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