Tuesday, November 27, 2007

baby gap...friend or foe

so, its been awhile...apparently i felt the need to state the obvious. as if you didn't know that i haven't been very good about writing everyday. anyway, onto today's subject--my new addiction...baby gap/children's place. i have become pretty obsessed with dressing my son like a trendy midget. i seriously might have something that borders on unhealthy. i can't stop looking online and checking out the baby section everytime i go somewhere. i guess i used to be obsessed with dressing myself so it seems only natural that the issue would transplant itself into making sure that my son't socks match the layering shirt underneath his sweater. yikes...is this a serious problem? if it is, its a cute one. i mean look at this kid...cutest thing ever, right? well, besides all of your little guys, of course. speaking of the little fashionista, he's sleeping at the moment so i'd better take full advantage and do absolutely nothing...i mean, the laudry and the organizing of course :)

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