Monday, December 3, 2007

happy december

wow, i can't believe its already december again. luke is over a year old, andy's almost done with school, and we still live in the ghetto...i mean...oops, did i say that out loud? its really not that horrible. its only semi-ghetto now. we actually cleaned up the place yesterday and actually organized the pantry so that more than my 6 qt crock pot fits in there. who'd a thought?
i got my first very own poinsettia from a girl in the ward who's trying to go to australlia with her choir. why the heck am i helping to send someone else to austraillia? when is my trip to austraillia? am i asking enough questions? sorry about that. i actually wanted to announce that thanks to a friend, i figured out that luke's first birthday pictures have been saved. they will be coming soon, so you all much anxiously wait in anticipation...or just check back soon and you'll see the cake baby :) happy december everyone! yay

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