Saturday, May 16, 2009

the early morning blues

so i had a whole blog written out in my head last night as i laid in my bed wide awake at 3:30 am. i contemplated going out to the front room to make sure i got it written down for posterity, but alas, we didn't have internet until 10:00 and in my early morning stupor, i didn't realize that i could just save it in a word document and post it later. moral of the story is, i can't remember it now. why was i wide awake at 3:30 you ask? no, luke was not up (for the love...), sofi had just got done eating, and i had gone to bed at 9:30. yes, its possible that i'm 90. andy was on his deathbed yet again yesterday, so he had been asleep for circa 6 hours by the time i finally gave in to the migraine that had conquered my once blissful cranium. he woke up and i laid down and squeezed (or squoze for my utah-ese speakers) my eyes shut, willing them to tell the rest of my body to give up too. well, i guess it did because by 3:00 i was apparently done sleeping. don't worry, i managed to convince my brain to stop firing after awhile and woke up at 6:45 when luke did.
ps are there enough time references in this post? maybe i should add another one just so the point definitly gets across. its 4:59 right now and i'm enjoying a rare but, nontheless amazing daddy/son outing. i'm enjoying their outing because they are both out :) not that i don't love the men in my life, but ladies you feel me, right?

stay tuned next week (or sooner if i'm on the ball) for an installment including the ever-awesome, most recent move experience and our trip to dozer day (spoiler--we waited in line for a digger for upwards of 45 minutes and just before luke got to go drive it, he melted down and cried through the whole ride to the point where the big, burly construction man lifted his hands in dismay) my life always going to be this predictable???

superman shirt: 15 dollars (its the gap, what do you do?), shorts from target: free (they were a gift from my good buddies, the gray sisters), luke lying on the floor to eat a chunk of beef jerky: priceless.


McCain Family said...

What a classic picture of Luke!!

Oh Tara, I'm so sorry about all of that, waking up at 3, the migraine, forgetting what you wanted to write...but you are amazing and will pull through!

I love ya, snoop doggy cat!

Valeri Crockett said...

I too got to experience having the boy's gone for the father/son outing(except Jovan). I felt so great the minute after they walked out the door. . . Jovan was sleeping. . . the house to myself (except Jovan). Then, 10 minutes later Jovan woke up and was awake and fussy until J.D. got home with Lincoln at 10 pm because he had to work in the morning. Why didn't that feel like much of a break? Sounds like yours went a lot better than mine.

Sorry about the migraine. I get those on occasion and it's dreadful!

How's the business coming along? Post more pictures of your little girl!!!

We are the Zitzmans said...

I always love your witty outlook on even the stuff that stinks! You are pretty cool. Love the pic of Luke on the floor eating beef jerky.

What the Hecklinger?! said...

Daddy-son outings should be a daily requirement. And I feel ya on the insomnia--hello, my pregnant body doesn't remember how to sleep.

Valerie Payette said...

No kidding about all the time reference...I had to sketch out a timeline as I went ;)

Migraines = yuck.

p.s. your head is hurting b/c it hasn't processed the presence of val in quite some time.

Ashley and Aaron said...

I love it when Aaron takes Finn places..aah the solitude. And your 'spoiler' about the truck ride sounds all too familiar...only another mom could understand that kids just tend to ruin fun things that you try to do for them and it doesn't mean you have a terrible's just your turn to have the kid that wigs out.