Friday, May 22, 2009


so, for those of you american idol fans...okay, so all of you--it seems as though i need to clarify something for you. when i wrote that adam winning was a silver lining in my day of crap it was followed by, "oh wait, that sucks too."

i did not want adam aka i wear too much make-up for a man or a woman to win. i was a kris fan from the beginning and if danny couldn't win then i'm glad it was him.


adamf said...

hahaha that was kind of aggressive too. ;)

Did you see the pics of Adam pre-makeup days though? I actually think he looks better now. Plus, he was in Wicked on Broadway. How cool is that?

I find it amusing that many people have said stuff like "the show is rigged in Adam's favor" when he clearly was (in the very least) the most powerful singer, and the most consistently entertaining. He did have a few strange songs, but he never really had a bad week like everyone else did.

However, Yay for Kris! I liked him too. :) Glad he made your day.

TPlayer said...

I am ashamed to say I didn't watch American Idol at all this year. My Mom, however, in denial that her daughter would disgrace the family by taking a season hiatus, shared her opinions with me weekly to the point that I often would peek in on youtube or on performances and what was going on. I admit Adam has talent (He was Fiyero in "wicked" for crying out loud) but wow does he abuse/misuse it!!! All that screaming-sheesh. I was charmed by Kris way back when I first saw him on the only episode I ever saw this season, but I didn't think he would go far. (The hearthrobs never go all the way). He is quite the eye candy that's for sure!! I'm happy for him, and even happier that for once a winning idol is a married one.:) (PS..this picture is a great one)

Courtney Shelby said...

I was loving Kris Allen the last couple of shows. I think he totally deserved it. Maybe they should start a new show for people like Adam... Scream Idol??
Anyway, I had all the shows still on my dvr, so I watched all of Kris' performances again, and I have to say he never had a bad performance and was always impressing me. So in conclusion, I think him winning was not as shocking as people think. Also, I saw him on Leno the next day and he has a fun, relaxed, personality. Totally normal too. (there's so many weird celebrities out there). WOOT WOOT for Kris Allen!

The LaFontaines said...

Yes Tara, it was you I was referring to on my post. I was making reference to your comment about Rob's half marathon video being anticlimactic. :) I knew this video was probably equally anticlimactic to those who aren't her parents, so I just wanted you to know ahead of time that I was aware. :) Love ya bud!

Kathleen said...

I was a Danny fan - surprised every week that Kris was still there, but in the end I was glad he won. I always liked Adam - thinking he was super talented - but the screaming every week finally just got old. I love reality TV. I like American Idol, Survivor, and Dancing with the Stars. So now I'm reading books and doing useful things in the evenings...til Fall!