Wednesday, January 16, 2008

viva's that for cheesy?

well, here it is...the moment you've all been waiting for--or not, i'm sure its really just me that is celebrating because i actually posted the pictures from the big trip. ps no i'm not pregnant, just disregard the large picture of me in front of the boat in the polka-dot shirt. unfortunately, i suffer from unphotogenicness every once in awhile...sad, but true. enjoy


We are the Zitzmans said...

YOU WENT ON A CRUISE. You officially suck! I didn't know this. When did you go...did I know? Well who knows what I know. It is safe to say I am now the most jealous person you know.

Mindy said...

yay for the pictures! it looks like you had fun. and i think you look very cute, and not prego at all. i didn't know your parents were there