Friday, January 11, 2008

here we go again

so, i'm totally sorry for dangling the idea of me coming back with pictures way back on dec 20th and then not following through. i could say i've been busy, but i guess what i've really been is absent. we were in utah for a week and a half and instead of blogging, i was going out to eat to all the places i have to go in salt lake before returning to washington state and olive garden. i was also shamefully addicted to the strawberry shortcake game my niece got for christmas for the nintendo ds (i beat it in a week by the way...that really probably shouldn't have been shared). one thing i will admit with at least some diginity is that i was pretty busy chasing luke around because he is officially walking on two legs all over the place. holy cow that kid is fast! dang, whoever decided that kids should be so independent so soon did not ask me first. i definitly would have kept the reins on the mobility a little longer. anyway, after utah we set sail on a cruise ship down to acapulco, mexico. i know what you're thinking...sweet, i can't wait to see those pictures. don't come running back to your computer screen too quickly. not only do i suck at keeping in touch or writing a simple daily blog, but i also suck at remembering to take pictures when the opportunities arise. there are a few and they will hopefully be posted here shortly. i will make no promises, however, since on top of everything else, i don't want to be known as a liar as well :) so instead of promising to be back soon, i'll just say i "hope" to see you all soon. that works, right? here we go! the long awaited pictures and just because i know you've been waiting oh so patiently...i threw in video as well. nobody tell andy that luke's favorite christmas present was the pink stroller that his GIRL cousin received. good times :)


Stefano said...

i demand pictures. if i can do that long distance over a blog without anything to threaten you with. threats never work anyway. just post a few. no words neccessary. i gotta see you and the kid. this is rachel by the way.

Mindy said...

Tara! I'm so proud of you for coming back from the dead! I'm glad you had lots of fun trips. Though you know I'm holding out for your trip to Houston. Miss you tons.

Larissa, Spencer, Cole, and Jack said...

Tara Lyn! So I am somewhat new to the whole posting comments thing. Loved yours though...oh ps I answered your question in mine. Cute slide show! Love ya tons.