Saturday, January 19, 2008

life's too short to be an 80's music genius

for some reason, i became profoundly aware of the fact that i haven't written a worthwhile blog in quite some time. by worthwhile, i mean one that had some humor and some actual substance to it. i'm sorry to all of you out there that i have failed in my lack of being creative. i think i'm creatively challenged. i really do. one of my friends (a rather "long-distance" know who you are ahem rachel) wrote a blog about the fact that somehow projects that we have the greatest intentions of finishing or hobbies that we really want to become dynamos at...just don't get accomplished. mind you, there are those of you out there (larissa and rachel even though somehow you don't think so)who are able to pull out a scrapbook and fill it with cuteness and creative juices in like 8 seconds...or is that how long you can stay on a bull? anyway, how you all do it, i have no idea. i'm pretty sure i've mentioned before how i'm pretty sure i just wasn't born with the gene or i'm just not motivated. dangit, its probably the latter...maybe i just don't have enough ocd to really accomplish something fabulous without getting add and focusing on something else. that's got to be it. i just have add. not really of course, just a lot of excuses. i am making the effort to make strides, however. i got a sewing machine for christmas--thank you mom--i don't know the first thing about it, but i got one. all of my pictures are on the computer just waiting patiently to become a digital scrapbook...could i be anymore lame? i can't even do a digital scrapbook, let alone a fabulous real anyway, i just want to let you all know that because you have told me at one time or another that you love me just the way i are (had to slip in a little timbland in there for some reason), its your fault that i suck at everything. hello?? where was the encouragement or the actual pushing to force me into a talent that i could show off to people at church functions? thanks a lot. okay, okay, so i'm kidding of course. i thought i could get away with it for a second there. someday i'll find a hobbie that's worthy of me. maybe i'll invent something like best commercial jingle singer or 80's music genius. ya think? probably not, right? mostly because there are still people that can even kick my trash at those things. oh well, i guess i'll just have to stick to playing with my kid and laughing hysterically when he sticks marshmallow in his hair. life's much too short.


The Rupps said...

Check OUt my blog now SISTA! I was waiting for your response so I could get you blog address. Sorry I lost it. Hey... I think 80's geniuses are amazing!
Love Ya! Cami

We are the Zitzmans said...

I am pretty sure you are the coolest and most fun person I know. I know that Luke thinks so too. Don't be too hard on yourself...if you are like me you can't afford a hobby anyway, so look at it like you are being financially wise! Just wanted you to know that I love ya! PS your blog looks terrific.

The Rupps said...

Hey! You need to stop dissing yourself. You are good at something. WRITING you FOOL! I swear after reading your blog, you should have your own column. Kind of like Dan in Real Life, except Tara in Real Life. Crazy, Quorkie, and Fun! Love Ya! DUde!