Wednesday, October 17, 2007

if shakespeare had a blog...

well, here i am again. i guess this blog thing is really going to happen much to my own chagrin, and definitly against almost every fiber in my being that said i would never do it. oh well. i've decided that it isn't just for fun, however, or because i have succombed to be a member of the dot com generation. i won't be texting as my only form of communication any time soon. instead, i've chosen to declare it an occupational hazard...i don't think that is the proper term or that i really even know what that means, but anyway, point being--i'm going to call my foray into the internet diary world "preparation..." for my future stint on the new york times bestseller list. after all, every inspirational and acclaimed writer began their long, illustrious (is that right? definitly starting off on the right foot...) career witha blog, right? yeah i can just see shakespeare sitting in front of his macbook mulling over the details of his latest blog entitled, "to write or not to write." okay that was cheesy, sorry, its late and i really should be sleeping, seeins how my one year old will be waking up in t-minus 6 hours, if not sooner. goodnight bloggers and civillians alike.
parting is such sweet sorrow

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Larissa said...

Tara Lyn you are the cutest nerd I know. You are so witty and funny. Yeah my sister-n-law set up a stockhoff family blog, but I still am not a pro. You are my hero.