Friday, October 19, 2007


so, somehow i saved this until entirely too late yet again. this must be due to the fact that i am so busy during the day painting my house, canning, scrapbooking, saving endangered species...oh wait, i forgot, i'm not martha stewart/the crocodile hunter. yeah, unfortunately i'm just a housewife without any hobbies besides taking naps and walking/jogging occasionally. wow, that's sad. i'm sorry if i've forced all of you readers out there (are there any readers out there?) to pull out your hankies and weep for me and my patheticness. don't worry, i'm getting better. i've actually recently organized my place of residence and made it more kid friendly in preparation for my son to begin walking. i've had plenty of time to do this based on the fact that he still has yet to venture anywhere beyond where his knees and hands can take hime. he's been pretty slow with every other milestone as well; including reaching the 10th percentile for weight, which he just barely accomplished on his first birthday...congratulations luke! now, as far as a fifth tooth and taking those first few steps are concerned, time can only tell i guess. okay, now that i have digressed from my previous flow of thought--i guess that means it must be time to retire. my brain is pretty foggy thanks to the fact that it is far too late for a mother of a baby to be awake. there is that darned patheticness again...sheesh

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