Tuesday, October 23, 2007

clapping, waving, and open-mouth kisses

don't be alarmed by the title. this post is not going to be pervocative (this is a family show after all). these three things jus happen to be luke's new trcks that he has picked up since turing the ripe old age of 1. i won't take this opportunity to mention that his cousin, who is a week and a half younger than him, has been doing all of these things for several months now...oops...anyway, luke has also dominated a milestone. he's made it to the 10th percentile for weight--up from the measley 5th percentile that he has been for so long. congratulations luke! maybe you won't be a midget forever.
ps the other boy in the pic is not luke's cousin--its actually a boy that is 2 months younger--go luke

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