Thursday, March 3, 2011

snow and a day at the dentist

not all at once people...that would be far too much excitement for one day.  i really wanted to blog something and i just happened to have some photos on hand so here they are.  i know the dentist ones aren't really the most awe-inspiring...they are mostly for my documenting needs.  luke did such a fabulous job.  he didn't complain or cry.  he just sat there like those amazing four year olds i only read about in books.  then he came home and turned back into luke.  eh, what do you do?  

doing what he likes to call "making roads and footprints."  does it really get any better?

before and after tasting his very first snowflake

you know you wish you could pose like this...and wear gloves that are three sizes too big

it was pirate dress up day at the dentist office.  so i forced...i mean gently prodded my costume-phobic children into bandanas and this was the cute, cute results.  these pictures were taken by each other by the way.  yes, you may comment that my children are photog prodigies...even with a mere iphone.


McCain Family said...

Those pictures of snow look amazing. You guys got a ton!
I guess it's time for me to start taking Hayden to the dentist eh? I hope she does even half as well as Luke. I would be happy with that :)
love ya dude.

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