Tuesday, March 22, 2011

nature walk...

there was a slight window of time yesterday where the sun decided to make an appearance, so we hijacked the kids and went to the trail to "find pine cones and sticks."  the result...a heapful of good times and plenty of pine cones and sticks of course.  there was also some impromptu puddle jumping (sans boots...sigh) and mud.


we happened upon a couple friends training for their first boston marathon.  i snapped a picture of them and luke said, "where are those girls going?" and proceeded to chase them down...well, attempt to anyway.  yes, he is wearing a sweet, sweet gray sweatsuit.  not on purpose.

this girl won't keep a pair of gloves on to save her life, or her hands...so a jacket that is two sizes too big would have to do.  the joys of "compromising" with a toddler.

mombo in all her glory :)
this picture makes me feel like a real photographer for a minute. bless that beautfiul slr


Heidi Dyk said...

LOVE that last photo of Luke with the flower! So glad you are having fun with the new camera!

Larissa said...

That picture is TOTALLY professional!

Love a good nature walk. MMMmmm maybe I should go on a walk with my kids too.

Love ya friend!

Ashley and Aaron said...

Finn also LOVES pinecones and sticks. He threw a mega trantrum on the way home from the park the other day because while freaking out about something else, he threw his pinecone into the street and I refused to get it for him. Glad your outing was a success!

tara said...

thanks ladies! its really all camera and no me...i have yet to crack my slr's for dummies book. one of these days :) and ashley-that is seriously a page right out of luke and sofi's book. love tantrums.