Saturday, March 27, 2010

your first glimpse

once again...its been too long since i've allowed you all a peek into the nuttiness that is the life of tara sutton.  i decided that its time to share a little of what will someday hopefully be a deseret book bestseller.  yes, i'm starting in the mormon world because, to be completely honest, the new york times bestseller list is a bit daunting...and when i say a bit, i mean the scariest thing i could possibly imagine.  someday, tara, someday.  that might be what i tell myself on a daily, maybe hourly basis.  anyway, this is the beginning of the book that will chronicle the life and times of sister thomas, onetime missionary to the spaniards.  i hope you enjoy it and if you don't, keep it to yourself because i can't take negative criticism.  i'm joking.  please tell me what you think and if any of you happen to be a publisher in disguise, let me know what my first advance will be!  without further ado...

If wishes were fishes, we’d all have a fry. That is apparently something that my grandma on my mother’s side used to say while she was still among the living. To this day, none of us are really sure what it means. What fish? Who are all these people and is it really our collective desire to fry up hundreds of pounds of fish together? The truth is that it really has nothing to do with fish. It really has to do with the fact that if everything we wanted came as easily as fish apparently did back in the day, none of us would be left with a care in the world.

All human beings do have desires. We all have wishes that we hope either would or would have come true at some point in our lives. My desire was to become a missionary, but not just any missionary. I was going to be the first missionary in the history of missionarydom, to not waste even a single moment of the Lord’s time while I figured out what I was doing. I found out pretty quickly that my desire, albeit righteous, was not the most practical, nor was it humanly possible.

We’re all put on this earth for a reason. We’ve known that since primary. The Lord put us here at a certain time with a certain mission. We all have a certain amount of years to learn as much as we can and do as much as we can for others, while striving to share the wonderful gift we all know as the gospel. I discovered, a little late, that a mission is a mini-lifetime. The main difference being that the amount of time allotted is not a mystery. Newborn babies do not have the ability, or the desire, to crawl let alone run marathon in record speed. I discovered that the same goes for a “greenie” or a new missionary. Just like the Lord does not expect a brand new baby to be able to give a speech or translate ancient texts, He does not expect a new sister or elder to baptize a hundred people, while fully understanding the rules and co-mingling perfectly with another human being 24/7.

well, there you go.  i hope i won't regret posting that since i just remembered that it will appear on facebook to be seen by all the millions of people that wait breathlessly for my status updates to appear. 

ps i went with mombo and the kids to visit one of my favorite people who happened to spawn one on my, and luke's, now favorite little person this week and we did this:

for those of you that know larissa and, of course, for you larissa.  this was a recipe she posted on her blog.  hers was a little prettier...and again, when i say a little prettier i mean that hers could have been published in marha stewart living, but it was tasty and yes, we both had seconds and possibly thirds.

camille-you rule.  sawyer-you will marry my daughter someday.  love you guys


Heidi Dyk said...

Looking great, Tara! Thanks for sharing. I really enjoyed reading what you posted and hope you share more. :)

Thanks for meeting up with us for dinner. Always fun times with the Suttons!

Mark said...

Hey Tara this is your husbando! This better make us tons of money some day. Yes I am all about the money, and Mariah!!

adamf said...

The best writers always write about what they know, so even if your writing only ends up on the Deseret Book bargain rack, it's better to stay true to what you know and what you have experienced, I think. I would much rather read a book by someone who writes really well about what they know, than a book about something they know little about.

McCain Family said...

Thank you for putting it back up! It's great!

Larissa said...

HEY thanks for the recipe shout out! Wasn't it soo yummy. PS yours looks awesome too.

So on to the book...You are so witty and easy to follow. Good when you are famous will you hook me up????

Love ya tons.