Saturday, February 2, 2008

yay...i'm fancy!

now i'm not trying to toot my horn or anything...who says that? i'm just stoked because i actually made this thing look semi-cool. thanks to my good buddy, camille, i now have entered the not traditional blog background club. i know it doesn't really exist, but humor me would ya? anyway, i'm excited, you're excited, luke's excited...does life get any better than this?


Mindy said...

ha! i almost used this background! are you surprised?? good job bro!

Rachel said...

hurray. nothing like a fresh start to make you excited about blogging again. (maybe i need one, i've gotten your comments...i'm just pretending like i'm too busy to blog because, well because i got a treadmill: now i have a new hobby: its called try to get in shape for the beach this july.)

adam said...

It's definitely way more fancy than my regular old gray background, with slightly less gray type. Kind of depressing, really.