Thursday, February 7, 2008

merry christmas! my bad

as i was pondering walking into the bedroom to find my workout clothes, (yes, that was a shamless plug to make you all think that i exercise on a regular basis) i noticed the screensaver on my computer. it was flashing pictures from temple square in salt lake city, ut during christmastime. it was my first time to see the lights. andy was kind enough to show me around even though that the was the destination of many a cheap date back in his single days...i thought about inserting the word "player" in there, but come on....we all know andy is not a player--ha ha. sorry, the thought is pretty hilarious, am i right? anyway, here are some pictures from christmas...and so soon too, right? man, am i pathetic. that's okay, though. knowing is half the battle, right? could i possibly say the word right anymore? especially since no one out there in cyberspace is going to answer me anytime soon. wow...anyway, here's the pics...already :)

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