Friday, May 27, 2011

i was alive in may, i swear!

for those of you that are still upright and haven't fainted at the sheer sight of a new posting by yours truly...hold on to your seats because this might be a long one.  it might also be very short if i faint due to the sheer enormity of the task at hand.  anyway, blah blah are some pictures that just might document the entire month of may.  wow, i really need to get some motivation...

the proverbial decorating of the eggs.  thank goodness for this messy yet oh so lovely tradition of making something beautiful out of something so ordinary.  isn't that just so special??  i am just learning all about the real art of photo taking, but it was uber-fun to watch the kids have so much fun and try to capture it on film or a digital memory card as it were.

not sure if the headless one of sofi is creative and artistic or just creepy...we'll go with cute, shall we?  

trent and his (not so) little dudes came over for luke's first egg hunt outside thanks to the sun deciding to actually shine on easter eve.  good times...

not sure...i just thought this one of sofi was nothing short of hilarious.

we've been working on creative ways to get luke to actually learn to write his whole name and not stop after the actually worked and smelled pretty good too :)

my uncle passed away a couple weeks ago and andy and i were able to make the trip down for the funeral.  it was really awe-inspiring to see firsthand, the 21 gun salute and the reverent folding of the flag.  he was a great man and i'm proud to have known him and his sweet, lovely wife.

some of my favorite people in the world...cousin sandi, uncle glen and cousin sydney.  love you guys!
luke and andy's mom, rebecca on mother's day.   thank goodness for that woman and her joyful chocolates.

luke (and sofi, who wouldn't be left out...messy face and all) and his cousin adam, showing off their super watches

dozer days!!!  oh the awesomeness that is tiny people getting to operate heavy machinery...

{she might've been a little sleepy...}

planting his first tomato...that now may or may not be the cat's first choice to do her business.  it was fun while it lasted

what is the first thing to do when the sun comes out?  why, buy 52 washable sidewalk chalk crayons of course!!


AndyPandyJackaDandy said...

Fun to see your month! I am actually on here to post more of my April. Here's hoping! Anyway, love to see the pics, and so fun to know who Andy is now when I see his mug on there too! I love the headless pic of Sofs, and the extreme closeup of Luke pre-construction run...and more. You are great. Hope to see you again soon!

Larissa said...

FRIEND!!! Looks like a loverly month. The picture of Sofs is totally artistic. You are turning into quite the photog genius, will you still be my friend when you are rich and famous???

Love ya!

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