Wednesday, February 9, 2011


or as i like to call it, "a year in iphone pics."  yes, you all were there to see the awesome quality of my photos, hear me whine about not being loved, and make promises that mostly didn't come true...hooray for a new year, right??  yeah, i agree.  lets abandon the tara of the past along with her dreadful (don't get me wrong, i'm grateful i have one) iphone pictures and welcome in a new and improved me, complete with one of these:

not just a picture of one...a real one, even!  i know!
yay for real cameras and pictures that actually look the people that are in them :)  as you can see, i'm beyond excited about this new turn in much so that i've been blogging and uploading pictures day and night.  yeah, not so much.  a total self-makeover does take time you know, and i've only got so much of that, what with all my hobbies and all.  or, i've just been working up the courage to jump back on here and compare myself to all of you crafty, photographer, super women/people (that's for you adam, if you still read this ever).  i know i shouldn't and i really try, i promise, unfortunately its an occupational hazard of being myself so i'm working with it.

anyway, as for recapping--i don't really have any christmas pictures at the moment.  i'll need to ask the mother figure to supply me with some, but since we headed south to the motherland to visit andy's family i've been playing around with stella (aka the coolest camera i've ever owned) and i'm stoked at the fact that this little number can even make me look like i know what i'm doing.  here are some highlights:
on the way down to utah.  i think this might just be the inaugural picture.  dang, that camera makes luke look cute...

a "vignette" if you will, of the many moods of the little dude

a couple of the cutest neices ever.  maggie and abby

hangin out at grandma's house with aunt sarah

sing it with me now. "snow, snow, snow..."  i thought about you each time it fell, bing.  all five times

the joys of a hotel pool and a camera with an automatic setting

there are no words
now, if i could just figure out photoshop...yes, i am about 5 years late on that one, but hopefully it won't take me another 5.


Larissa said...

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the last picture. You will have so much fun with that camera. Don't feel bad about photoshop...I think they make it so hard so that you will beg their help...try

love ya friend

Mindy and Benjamin said...

the camera doesn't make luke look cute. he is just cute. in fact, you all are. i sorta miss you. a lot.

AndyPandyJackaDandy said...

Hooray for new cameras! So fun! And don't fret about photoshop. It took me forever...and then I gave up and just keep using picnik anyway! :)Good luck, cuz! And next time you're down here--get down HERE!

tara said...

thanks for the advice ladies! i can't wait to try it :) well, maybe i'll eat some chocolate know, for courage. thanks!

Heidi Dyk said...

Yay! Love all these! You will get hooked on your camera. Promise. ;)